3 Simple Steps to be Happier at Work and Reduce Stress Without Changing Jobs [Online Workshop 10/10/19]

Do you feel stuck in your job but have NO IDEA what you want to do instead?

Should you look for a new job?
But you don’t even have the energy for that.

Should you stay and try to make it work?
But you can’t stand the thought of that.

It’s the most frustrating thing.
If only you knew WHAT to do, you could do it.

By staying stuck, the stress keeps building.
It’s affecting your personal life and relationships.

You can’t even enjoy yourself anymore.

I know, because I’ve been there.

In my last corporate job, I was MISERABLE. I didn’t think I could stand another day at my desk.

Each week was a roller coaster. One day I was nearly pulling my hair out while browsing jobs on Indeed. The next, I was actually enjoying my work and thought I could tough it out longer.

I felt a deep nagging that there was SOMETHING ELSE I was supposed to be doing… but WHAT?? I had no clue.

I put all this pressure on myself to figure it out, but I got no answers. Where this got me was hating my job and feeling too strung out to even enjoy the rest of my life.

I could NOT relax.

I was wasting time.

Fast forward one year and I finally left my job to pursue my true passion! I made this change not out of desperate frustration, but from a content and calm sense of trust.

As I left my job, I felt deep satisfaction with all I accomplished. Despite some challenges, I was truly able to enjoy that last year.

What did I do to turn it around? That’s EXACTLY what I’m going to share with you in this workshop.

Whether you’re trying to find your purpose or just stop work stress from creeping into the rest of your life, this online workshop will guide you forward.

Sit back and take a deep breath.

I’ve got you.

Join us if you’re ready to

* Uncover what’s been stopping you or slowing you down from being engaged and feeling content in your current work

* Discover the essential building blocks for a joyful experience in your day-to-day work, no matter how horrible it seems

* Get crystal clear on EXACTLY what to do next to get what you want in your career WITHOUT changing jobs!

Life is way too short to stay feeling trapped in a job.

You deserve better, and you CAN make it happen.

Join us on Thursday 10/10/19 7:30-8:30 pm ET and learn strategies you can use IMMEDIATELY to reduce stress + anxiety in and out of work. This is an online workshop, so you can join from anywhere on your mobile device!

What past attendees are saying

“I have seen Jessica speak a few times and I was blown away on her confidence and the message she brought out. She always gets people involved. She really knows her stuff. I am honored to have met her. Can’t wait to go to her next event.”


“Jessica is a gifted speaker and an expert in her field. I have had the privilege of hearing her speak multiple times and just recently attended her stress management workshop. She does an excellent job of encouraging, motivating and providing useful feedback.”


“It has been such an incredibly valuable, overwhelmingly enriching experience. For some background, I have spent over a decade in higher education, for many years as a student and more recently as faculty. I have consistently struggled with maintaining any semblance of routine or focus on my own self-care once the middle of an academic semester hits — a cycle which has now been going on for many, many years.

However, I am so proud to say that this was the first semester I completely broke this cycle, which I truly believe was due to working through the 90 Day Coaching Program with Jess. Thanks to my work with Jess, I have hit so many of my own goals over the past three months — an excellent work-life balance, a commitment to physical fitness, a consistency in self-care routines, and a ridiculously good sleep schedule for what may be the first time in my adult life.


Ready to start feeling GOOD again?

SEATING IS LIMITED. There are only 15 spots for this webinar, so save your seat now.

I can’t wait to connect with you and help YOU connect with YOURSELF again.

See you soon!

With love,