How to stress eat when working from home

There’s something about knowing you should be rationing your food to limit trips to the grocery store that makes you want to eat more to calm your nerves. Stuck on another boring Zoom call?Eat. Drafting an article for work and stuck on the next line?Eat. Just heard another depressing statistic?Eat. It’s going to happen. You… Continue reading How to stress eat when working from home

When fear creates distance, choose LOVE

This struck me like a sack of bricks. I was going about my day, worried and anxious, unable to shake it no matter how much self-care I did. Until a moment of clarity. A thought I heard many times and fully believe echoed in my head. We're not meant to feel this way. We're meant… Continue reading When fear creates distance, choose LOVE

How to sleep better

Sleep's been disrupted for a lot of us. How about you? This week I found myself waking up in the wee hours of the morning, sometimes feeling extremely anxious. Not how I like to start my day. But overall I've been falling asleep easily and feeling well rested. Since so many of us are struggling,… Continue reading How to sleep better

Name 5 things you see

When I was struggling with anxiety years ago, my therapist taught me this simple technique to calm the mind in just a couple of minutes. Name....5 things you see 4 things you hear 3 things you feel (physical sensations) 2 things you smell 1 thing you taste  How does this work? When we feel stressed, our mind is usually… Continue reading Name 5 things you see

I attribute my easy career changes to this ONE thing

When you were a kid, wasn't it so easy to take joyful risks and not fear the consequences? I used to practice back flips down my hallway, and when I fell and got hurt, I'd be back at it in 2 seconds! Nowadays I worry about breaking my neck so I don't bother even if… Continue reading I attribute my easy career changes to this ONE thing