Hey there! I’m Jessica Juliano, Certified Life and Health Coach, Speaker, and Author. I’m so excited you’re here!

If you’re like me, you probably find yourself overthinking constantly and creating problems that aren’t really there.

In my last corporate job, I got promoted fairly regularly and easily. I worked for it. I deserved it.

But one day something changed. My dad was diagnosed with leukemia and I was frequently out of the office to take care of him.

My confidence plummeted.

Even though I was grateful to be there for my dad, I felt guilty constantly, like I was letting everyone down.

I had no time for myself. I had no way to process the extreme stress of caring for a loved one. I didn’t know any better to reach out to someone.

I was in a relationship at the time which was also feeling the stress. I relied on him to take care of me because I didn’t know how. I couldn’t express my feelings to him, or myself.

No one ever taught me these things.

I feared at any moment my boss would fire me. I feared my partner would leave me.

What if I lost everything? My dad, my job, my boyfriend?

Shortly after I returned to the office full time, they opened a leadership role on my team.

Of course I didn’t apply. Why would I?

My low-worth perceptions of myself created stories that weren’t true. “This new guy is way more qualified than me.” “The boss is always praising everyone but me. He thinks I suck at my job.”

I grew to resent my job and wanted to be anywhere but there.

Eventually I realized that it wasn’t my job that was the problem. I was the problem.

Same for my relationship.

I didn’t need a new job to be happy. I needed to understand myself better, my needs, what brings me joy. I needed to learn to communicate better with myself, my partner, my co-workers. I needed to handle my emotions in healthy ways so they wouldn’t take over me and lead to poor decisions.

I’d worked with a life coach during that time which changed EVERYTHING! She taught me all of this and more, and got me on a life-long journey of deeper self-love, respect, and trust.

I grew to really know and appreciate myself. With courage I explored new hobbies. I made new friends – people who deeply believed in me. I relied less on my partner to give me what I needed because I could give it to myself.

I told my boss I wanted the promotion and got it! It was still available because in their eyes I was the only one worthy of it!

I became a powerful communicator, having many really vulnerable conversations with my partner about the future of our relationship and what we wanted. Eventually we parted ways, but it was a decision that came from love and respect for myself, knowing that we both deserved better. That what I wanted was possible.

Are you stuck in a job or relationship that’s not really making you happy? Do you constantly try to please others, sacrificing yourself in the process, fearing that you’ll disappoint them? Do you have a hard time communicating your needs with others, even yourself?

Perhaps for you too it’s not the job or relationship but the need to know yourself better, to learn to trust yourself so you can make better decisions every day honoring your needs. Then and only then will you know for sure what to do about your job or relationship and by that point the right choice will become clear.

I’m so glad you’re here! Take a look around, start exploring, and may it lead you to finding the answers you seek within yourself.

Jessica Juliano is a Certified Life and Health Coach from the Health Coach Institute. She’s a two-time recipient of the Speaker of the Year Award (2019 and 2020) from St Petersburg Toastmasters, a leadership and speaking organization. She’s the author of The Worthy Woman Handbook and Worthy of Me.