Worthy of Me: the book

How do you know whether to stay in a relationship or leave? For years I pondered that very question and those two equally terrifying options.

A decade of back to back relationships left my search for the perfect companion unfulfilled. After sacrificing so much of myself along the way – body, livelihood, identity – I began the quest for happiness within. Eventually the question of staying or leaving became easy to answer.

Worthy of Me is an intimate account of why we make the choices we do – staying in one place too long, hurting those we love, hiding from the truth, and searching for happiness outside of ourselves. Within these pages are the answers we seek – how to rediscover a lost identity, find wholeness within, and stay true to ourselves while loving another.

This revealing honest memoir will provoke a powerful transformation as you break old painful patterns and reclaim personal responsibility for your happiness and innate worthiness of love.

My new book, Worthy of Me: Reclaiming wholeness from loss to love, is now available for pre-order at a special price for a limited time! Books are expected to arrive in December 2020.

What you’ve written is speaking A LOT to my own struggles. How do I find myself and follow my instincts to my true path and be in a relationship? Thank you so much for letting me read this. It’s an honor. I love it. It teaches me and it heals me.


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Worthy of Me is a must read if you have ever questioned if choosing yourself is selfish or the best decision you may ever make. The author is raw, humorous, and vulnerable. She gives a personal view of the daily struggles one may endure when they are feeling lost or stuck in their relationships and the personal battles you must go through when you are dancing with your own demons. Our personal experiences are meant to liberate us, and Jessica Juliano provides the perfect stories to show you just how powerful that choice can be.


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