The Worthy Woman Handbook

To the woman who longs to find acceptance with herself, who constantly second-guesses herself when making decisions, who so wants to believe she is worthy of happinessthis book is for you.

The Worthy Woman Handbook is part book and part journal, guiding you on your journey inward where all your answers reside.

With this book you will learn how to

  • make yourself a priority
  • set healthy boundaries
  • be your own best friend
  • make confident choices for yourself
  • communicate courageously
  • show up with greater love, acceptance, and compassion every day.

In The Worthy Woman Handbook, Jessica Juliano shares enlivening inner-exercises that magnificently illuminate the path of the most sacred journey we will ever take — to self-love and self-worth. This potent gem of a book is a compass you will return to again and again on your journey.

NANCY LEVIN, author of Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free

This book will help you grow tall and strong like a beautiful sunflower reaching toward the sun.

You are that flower already, and now it’s your time to blossom.

I just got your book. I LOVE it. It’s exactly what I’m needing. I’ve already done two exercises that were on point for me. Thank you for writing it. I can already feel healing and transformation happening.


Divided into 28 stories and lessons, The Worthy Woman Handbook leads your exploration and pursuit of your most worthy life experience.

All the answers you’ve ever needed, all the confidence, all the joy, all the encouragement, it’s all inside of you. As a human being, it’s your birthright and greatest, most joyful challenge to go in search of this treasure.

quote from the worthy woman handbook

It’s time to own your power and bask in freedom, self-acceptance, and peace like you never have before.

The Worthy Woman Handbook is truly a gift for the soul. A must read for anyone who has ever doubted their self-worth or struggled with how to rise above depression. It’s easy to read and inspires you to be kind to yourself. Answer the questions in this handbook, take your time, reflect, this will change your life.


Are you ready to become a master of self-worth?

The Worthy Woman Handbook is currently available online and at select retailers in St Pete FL. Support Local First!

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