Validation Detox

Reclaim your self-worth! Join the Validation Detox and discover the freedom that’s possible when you accept you are enough exactly as you are, and others’ opinions can’t stop you!

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A community to find your worthiness in your own eyes.

What would your life be like if you could STOP…

worrying about what others think and letting that dictate your life?

feeling like you’re constantly letting everyone down?

telling yourself you’re a failure?

letting fear of rejection stop you in your tracks?

feeling resentful every time you receive a constructive comment?

putting everyone else’s needs first?

second-guessing yourself and talking yourself out of your brilliant ideas?

Imagine what’s possible when you give yourself full permission to…

consider your own needs before making decisions

feel proud of yourself for all you’ve accomplished

pursue your dreams and goals, regardless of what anyone else might think

come out of hiding and accept yourself exactly as you are

accept constructive feedback to help you grow

be more present with the people you love

trust yourself and your own inner wisdom

feel worthy of all the world has to offer you – love, happiness, success, ALL of it – and welcome it into your arms!

Welcome home to yourself.

Welcome to the Validation Detox.

Let’s embark on a journey to personal freedom and fulfillment.

This is the journey to reclaiming your self-worth

If you’re like me, you’ve spent your life living and dying by other people’s approval of you.

A word of praise or compliment from your boss or family member has you singing from the rooftops, “Yes! I did it! They like me! Life is wonderful!”

But a constructive comment, a rude remark, even a look of indifference pops your happy balloon and sends you crashing to the ground. “I can’t do anything right. I’m such a failure.”

While it’s great to want to be a good employee, friend, or partner, the constant up and down and letting others dictate how you feel about yourself is destroying you.

How can I ever be enough? You’re probably wondering. What if it never happens?

But it feels so good to be helpful, to make others happy, so you keep doing what you’ve been doing, hoping you’ll finally be appreciated the way deep down you know you deserve.

I get it.

That used to be me.

I grew up with the world’s greatest father who always sung my praises.

He supported every decision I ever made. He was nothing but proud of me.

When I got into the real world, I quickly realized not everyone thought I was the greatest smartest person they ever met.

I began an amazing career as a project manager but couldn’t deal with the overwhelming expectations of my boss or her frustrated responses when I asked for help.

I spent nights and weekends hiding at home eating potato chips and Little Debbie cakes. On weekday mornings I hoped I’d get into a car accident so I didn’t have to go to work and face my failures.

After one year I left and went through an entire career change.

I convinced myself I could never be enough so I quit before they could fire me.

Over a decade later, I finally understand these three things.
1. Most of my failures exist only in my own mind (my company was shocked when I resigned)
2. Other people’s perceptions of me say more about them than me and I should never let that hold me back.
3. I have so much to offer and so do YOU. The world needs us to believe in our worth and capabilities so we can SHINE and do the important work we’re here to do!

Yes I still love receiving praise and knowing I’m making a difference but I don’t solely base my decisions on that, and I don’t need others’ approval to know I’m enough.

Because I tell myself every day how capable, talented, valuable, and worthy I am.

I know it, I feel it, I believe it, and so I trust myself to follow my heart and do what brings me joy. If anyone doesn’t like it then I wish them well on their own journey.

Now what about you?

Are you ready to stop letting fear of failure, rejection, or disappointing others control your life?

Are you ready to take back what’s yours?

Now is the time to reclaim your self-worth!

I invite you to join the Validation Detox!

Daily lessons, practices, and guided actions to release yourself from the approval of others and build yourself up as you reclaim your self-worth! It’s time to be free!

A supportive private Facebook community with other beautiful souls on the same path. We’ll share our struggles and triumphs. We’re all in this together!

Receive coaching and accountability from me in our community. I’m here to answer your questions and guide you through obstacles so you move further faster!

Join live video group calls to connect “face to face,” cheer each other on, discuss our breakthroughs, and get unstuck and back on our worthy way!

 One 30-minute private coaching call will be available to each member as needed during the program.

Enjoy continued access to the course material even after the program ends!

I’ll be with you every step of the way! I’ll be actively participating in our private community to answer your questions, listen with compassion, coach you through obstacles, and cheer you on as you reclaim what’s yours – your worth and your right to happiness on your terms!

The Validation Detox is a 2-week journey to freedom that will re-open for enrollment in Fall 2021! Once you enroll, you’ll get access to our private community where lessons will be released every weekday. There will be live group calls throughout. After the program ends, your journey continues and the community will remain open so you can continue to connect and support each other.

Registration for the Fall 2021 group will reopen soon. I’d love to keep you notified! Become a words of worthiness reader (free!) and receive a gift from me – a guide to make easy confident decisions.

I recently completed Jessica Juliano’s Validation Detox class and was truly impressed with how helpful Jessica was. She revealed old old patterns that had been keeping me from reaching my full potential. She knew exactly what to ask and asked in a way that helped me come to the realization on my own which is what really helped take me to the next level of my growth. Each of the days was a surprise and each day built on the next. Jessica did such a beautiful job putting this class together. The 3 group phone calls were very helpful to me as well because I learned from other people who had similar blocks. Thank you Jessica! I am very grateful for your help!!!


Jessica has such a beautiful soul! She is kind and honest and generous and has a genuine intent to help people heal from what has held them back and find their greatest joy in this life.


The Validation Detox is for you if

  • You’re ready to take back your power and be the #1 validator in your life.
  • You desire more confidence in yourself so you can feel worthy of your job, your relationships, and all opportunities and experiences.
  • You’re done with holding back and doubting yourself. You’re ready to shine!
  • You’re exhausted with trying to live up to others’ expectations. You want to replenish your energy and prioritize yourself!
  • You want to trust yourself to make decisions that are best for you and not rely on what others think.
  • You’re looking for an empowering uplifting community where it’s safe to express yourself.
  • You’ve been wanting to work with a coach in an affordable way.
  • You need accountability and guidance to help you move forward and follow through with what you know is good for you!
  • You know that loving and accepting yourself is the path to freedom!

If this describes you, then you are exactly who I created the Validation Detox for. Enroll now, and let’s journey together as we reclaim our self-worth.

Before I started working with Jessica, I was incredibly out of touch with my needs & feelings and unaware of the automatic patterns I was allowing to dictate my life. In all my relationships, I was giving excessively of my energy, my time, and my feelings without reciprocity, and I felt absolutely exhausted. Since our work together, I have left a job that was not serving me (and started a new one that brings me great joy and accomplishment) and discovered a profound sense of self-compassion. I now feel better able to make decisions clearly. I have also gained a new sense of responsibility and inspiration for creating a life I love.


I never ever ever would have thought I would get to a place where I said something nice about myself because I truly believed and meant it. This is an amazing place to be. I have come miles from where I have always been. I feel worthy of being with others and knowing they want me there. I stand up for my time and energy in ways I never have before. I have set boundaries for myself in ways that I am certain have ruffled feathers, but they have come from a place of kindness and love for myself and others. I have learned to listen to myself more, and it feels AMAZING!


The Validation Detox begins soon and I can’t wait for you to see what’s possible when you stop worrying about what others think and truly see how amazing and capable you are.

Registration will reopen soon and I’d love to keep you notified! Become a words of worthiness reader (free!) and receive a gift from me – a guide to make easy confident decisions.

Our next Validation Detox journey begins in Fall 2021 (dates TBD)! Lessons are released each weekday in our private Facebook* community which you (and your friend) will get access to once you enroll. There will also be 3 live group calls and one 30-min private coaching call with me. After the program ends, the community will remain open so you can continue to access the content and connect and support each other.

*Don’t have Facebook? No problem! You can still access the lesson videos and group coaching calls outside of Facebook.

You journey to reclaiming self-worth begins now!

With love,