Communicate and set boundaries for a happier home life at worthy TV LIVE!

You were already feeling tension in your relationship and now you’re spending even more time together in the walls of your home.

How do you get the space you need?

How do you express yourself without lashing out and damaging your relationship even more?

Why don’t the words ever come out right?

Why does it feel so scary to share your feelings?

What would be possible, what problems might be solved, if you could speak up?

Join worthy TV host Jessica Juliano and special guest Heather Page of Acorn Health and Wellness (a very admirable and powerful communicator!) for a discussion on using loving communication to feel happier and safer at home.

We’ll be covering how to :

  • Find your sanctuary at home (no matter how many other adults and kids may be running around)
  • Set healthy boundaries and ask others to respect them
  • Communicate your feelings with your partner no matter what state your relationship is in

Communication is a challenging yet necessary component to ANY relationship (romantic, familial, professional). It brings up our deepest insecurities yet can free us from our inner despairs and pave the way to a healthy solution.

Guests are encouraged to participate in the discussion and ask questions. Our goal is for YOU to feel EMPOWERED to speak up. You deserve it, and so do the other people in your relationships.

There’s enough to feel anxious about right now. Being at home should not be one of them.

worthy TV is committed to a single mission: starting conversations that cultivate compassion + courage. The more we speak up, the more we inspire others to do the same. This is how we heal together. worthy TV began as an online video series. This will be the first LIVE edition! Join us for this special inaugural event!

This event is by donation and will take place online via Zoom on Tuesday April 14, 8 to 9 PM ET. To register, kindly send your donation to Jessica Juliano via any of the below options, and the Zoom link will then be provided to you:

Looking forward to helping you navigate a happier home life with courage + love!

What attendees are saying about Jessica and her worthshop events:

Jessica has such a beautiful soul! She is kind and honest and generous and has a genuine intent to help people heal from what has held them back and find their greatest joy in this life.

“Every workshop that you offer uplifts my soul’s purpose.”

This experience was so powerful and moving. It will inspire me going forward in so many ways.

I stand up for my time and energy in ways I never have before. I have set boundaries for myself in ways that I am certain have ruffled feathers, but they have come from a place of kindness and love for myself and others. I have learned to listen to myself more, and it feels AMAZING!

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