Manage anxiety, restore mental clarity + get your life back! [Online workshop]

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Anxiety sucks. I hate it.

I had my first experiences with anxiety after my dad passed away over 3 years ago. Dealing with anxiety was worse than the grief. Or maybe it was one and the same. Either way, life became a nightmare, and I spent a lot of time on the couch because I didn’t feel safe going anywhere.

With anxiety, I couldn’t even feel safe in my own head.

Anxiety stole my life from me.

Or so I thought.

I realize now how I let myself become the victim. I created habits to try to keep myself safe while accommodating anxiety. I didn’t know any better.

Now I realize anxiety shows up as a messenger when I’m ready to release habits that don’t serve me anymore.

It’s not an easy transition, but I’m beginning to look at anxiety like that family member you can’t stand but they’re always right. They don’t say things in a very nice way, in fact they usually sneer and cackle, but there’s a lot to learn from them.

Since going to therapy, incorporating countless self-care habits and setting healthy boundaries in my lifestyle and mind, anxiety mostly became a thing of the past. Thank goodness and good riddance!

But then the pandemic happened and suddenly there were a lot of new reasons to feel unsafe. I wasn’t as committed to my self-care practices because I hadn’t needed them as much. Well, now I did.

This was a wake up call for me to return to putting my care first. I’m so grateful I had this solid foundation already – I knew where to turn, I knew what to do – and I could do it with confidence. I trusted I would be okay.

The pandemic has caused increased anxiety across the globe. Most people don’t have the tools and practices I have. They never needed them before. They could get by without, until now.

If you’ve been experiencing anxiety*, this is your wake up call too. It’s time to look at your every day habits with careful scrutiny and decide what’s not serving you and what needs to change.

Join me as I share the simple every day practices that have helped me manage anxiety and restore mental clarity so I can live life on my terms.

I’ll be sharing the strategies that have been most helpful at varying levels of anxiety – from the times when I couldn’t get off the couch to when there’s a fog of worried thoughts in my mind all day.

These strategies will allow you to:
REDIRECT your focus away from triggering thoughts so you can calm down quickly
REFLECT upon what really needs to change so you can confidently manage your triggers
REERECT a solid foundation to support your optimal wellbeing every day! You’ve got this!

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Attendees are welcome to turn on video and participate in the discussion if they choose, as we all learn from each other and this is a safe space to do that. However if you prefer to sit with video off and listen, that is welcome too. Questions and comments can also be submitted in the chat.

Looking forward to helping you along on your journey to reclaim freedom!

*Please Note: If you experience anxiety, seek attention from a qualified healthcare practitioner. This workshop is not meant in any way to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition.

What attendees are saying about Jessica’s workshops + events:

Jessica has such a beautiful soul! She is kind and honest and generous and has a genuine intent to help people heal from what has held them back and find their greatest joy in this life.

“Every workshop that you offer uplifts my soul’s purpose.”

This experience was so powerful and moving. It will inspire me going forward in so many ways.

Jessica is honestly… just PURE LIGHT. She is a phenomenal speaker and writer who knows exactly what to say and how to say it. I look forward to her Worthy TV episodes every Tuesday, where she dives into difficult but important topics around self-worth, relationships, career, mindset, anxiety, decision-making, and more.

Jessica is an amazing woman and coach. She has a way of asking the right questions to challenge old, out-dated beliefs that prevent you from stepping fully into your power. And the best part she does it with compassion, an open heart, and a willingness to meet you where you are.