Living with Loss

Next Living with Loss Circle – Saturday February 23, 2019, 10am to 11am at Intent Space in St Pete, FL.

In April of 2017, our father passed away. Our best friend, our safety, our source of laughter, love, and joy.

Everyone knew how much our dad loved us. He wouldn’t shut up about us. And of course it’s mutual. Even any of our friends who met him would even go on about how cool he is.

Over the years these father-daughter bonds grew stronger, more sacred and special. I’d feel so deeply moved just thinking about how much I love my dad.

It’s the type of bond that could only have formed after many lifetimes together.


But on that April morning, we “lost” our third musketeer.

And so began our journey of grief, of change.

A journey without our biggest support system, our Pops, whom we relied on since we were helpless babies.

It’s been a dark and lonely trek, trying to carve out a new path, trying to make sense of the world, of ourselves.

Even now, over a year later, it’s hard.

It’s hard because no matter how much time passes, losing a loved one forever changes us.

To aid our healing, we need love and support from our community, and we need to express ourselves and share our stories.

Not just during the first few weeks, but throughout this ongoing journey.

Because this is a journey of redefining who we are and what life now means to us. It takes time to sort it out.

And we can’t do it alone. We need to know we have the love and support of those around us.

If you’ve lost someone you love, someone with whom you’re deeply bonded, you know how isolating it can feel, and you know the importance of community.

So we’re creating that community. For you, for us, for each other.

Join us in a safe compassionate circle to discuss our experiences in living with loss and how we can honor our feelings and challenges while still having a full complete life.

Let’s rediscover our wholeness, together.

Next Circle:
Saturday February 23, 2019, 10am to 11am at Intent Space in St Pete, FL.
Exchange: $16

Click here for full details + registration.

We look forward to welcoming you into our community 🙂