Permission to Prioritize YOU [Online Workshop 11/6/19]

Do you feel like you’re always saying yes to others and never to yourself?

You’re a giver by nature, yet you’d LOVE to have time for yourself.

It just feels so selfish to make yourself a priority.

You’ve probably never admitted this out loud, but it’s just so EXHAUSTING giving all the time.

You try to do things for yourself, but there’s always something or someone more important getting in the way.

You can’t stand feeling like you’re letting others down.

I know, because I’ve been there.

When my dad was battling cancer, I became his caretaker. While I treasured being able to be there for him in the way he needed most, it taught me to always drop what I’m doing to help others… to a fault.

It’s very hard to admit this, but at times I felt resentful that I couldn’t have a “normal” life. I could never do anything for myself because I’d never know when he would need me.

It was exhausting, and I didn’t know how to handle the enormity of this stress. I wouldn’t have even known what to do for myself if a spare moment arose (which it did, and I just didn’t see it).

I was so consumed by guilt that I didn’t let myself fully enjoy the honor of being my dad’s caretaker and getting to spend all that time with him. I was guilty for not being as committed to my job, but when I pulled out my laptop, I felt guilty for not being more present with my dad.

I could NOT relax.

When my dad’s treatment started doing its job, I wasn’t needed as much, and I began to have time for myself again. In what seemed like miraculous timing, I joined a self-care program that taught me everything I needed about handling difficult situations and taking care of myself.

This became my new foundation.

Dad & daughter brunch when his energy returned and he was able to come spend the day with me.

Sadly, my dad passed away the following year.

But I saw a major shift within myself. Despite crippling physical and emotional grief, I learned how to take care of myself. I learned how to ask for what I needed. I learned how to put myself first. I really had no choice, because my own survival depended on it. That’s how hard I suffered.

I added new words and phrases to my vocabulary, such as, “no” and “I can’t do this right now” and “I need to do this for myself first.”

Grief is a unique and mighty experience. Being a dying parent’s caretaker is an extreme example of people pleasing. But the lesson is the same.

No matter how minor or major your circumstances, there are ALWAYS ways you can take care of yourself. Even the smallest of ways can leave a HUGE impact on your well-being.

Whether you’re always putting your family, your job, or other aspects of your life first, YOU have needs too.

The best part of it all?

You don’t have to STOP loving and taking care of others. You can have both! You can prioritize your needs AND those of others. But you have to START with your own.

And it doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. In fact it’s my goal to help you see just how simple it is to get started.

Join me if you’re ready to

* Develop an inspiring loving vision of what saying YES to yourself looks and feels like

* Make peace with all the excuses, guilt, fears, and resentments that keep you in people-pleasing mode, and learn how to stand up to them once and for all

* Identify where to draw the line so you can have more energy and time for yourself and feel empowered to honor that commitment!

The only person who you can guarantee will stand up for you in this life is you.

You deserve to be on your own team. And you can win that game. Every. Single. Time.

Join us on Wednesday 11/06/19 7:00-8:30 pm ET and take the first step in saying YES to yourself.

This is an online workshop, so you can join from anywhere on your mobile device!

Registration is limited to 5 people because this is about YOU and getting what you need to feel empowered to make deserving changes in your life!

What my clients are saying

“I stand up for my time and energy in ways I never have before. I have set boundaries for myself in ways that I am certain have ruffled feathers, but they have come from a place of kindness and love for myself and others. I have learned to listen to myself more, and it feels AMAZING!”


“Look no further for you have found the coach that will truly help guide you upon your path. Jessica is one of, if not, the friendliest people I have ever met. She is always welcoming, great at listening and easy to open up to. Her amazing energy alone is life changing!”


“It has been such an incredibly valuable, overwhelmingly enriching experience. For some background, I have spent over a decade in higher education, for many years as a student and more recently as faculty. I have consistently struggled with maintaining any semblance of routine or focus on my own self-care once the middle of an academic semester hits — a cycle which has now been going on for many, many years.

However, I am so proud to say that this was the first semester I completely broke this cycle. Thanks to my work with Jess, I have hit so many of my own goals over the past three months — an excellent work-life balance, a commitment to physical fitness, a consistency in self-care routines, and a ridiculously good sleep schedule for what may be the first time in my adult life.


Ready to finally make time for YOU?

SEATING IS VERY LIMITED. There are only 5 spots for this webinar because that’s how important you are to me! I want to make sure everyone is able to get what they need from this time, and learn from others who share your struggle. Save your seat now if you feel deeply in your heart you need to make some changes to honor yourself and your time. 🙂

If you have any questions about this online workshop, please drop me a message at

I can’t wait to connect with you and help YOU connect with YOURSELF again.

With love,