Reignite your spark

Let me guess where you’re at.

You feel like you’ve been doing all the right things, but you thought you’d be further along by now.

It’s just not working and feels like you’re wasting time.

From the outside, people think you’re happy and successful, but you don’t feel that way at all.

You think life will be easier and happier once you get a better job, build your business into your main gig, finally lose the weight, find your soulmate, or make more money.

But how long will it take? What if it never comes?

You ask yourself, “What am I doing wrong? Why am I not good enough? Why can’t I figure it out?”

My question to you is….

What if you just stopped trying?

What if you stopped listening and stopped being who the world wants you to be and discovered in your heart what you really want for yourself?

We are so easily influenced by those around us: friends, family, co-workers. Messages from society and social media are constantly blasting into our brains.

Even messages that seem positive and helpful have made it so confusing to know what voice is OURS and what isn’t.

No wonder we feel so out of alignment!

But how do you really know who YOU are and what YOU want?

And once you figure it out… what if the world doesn’t like it? What if you get rejected?

It’s safer and easier to keep going through your same old routine, but there’s an inner nagging that you’re missing out on how you’re really meant to be living. You’re scared to trust in yourself. You’re scared to go against everything you’ve ever been taught. You haven’t got a clue how to break the spell. But you can’t keep going like this.

What if I told you there was a way..

To get out of your head, out of your own way, and to start living life on YOUR terms

To feel confident, joyful, and balanced without sacrifice

To feel empowered to make the right choices for yourself, regardless of what others think

To put your own needs first without feeling guilty

To shed the external influences that have shaped your life in the wrong direction and get back in the driver’s seat

I know because I have been there! And I’ve devoted my life to staying true to who I am and what matters most to me, regardless of what the rest of the world thinks. It’s an on-going commitment, and it IS WORTH IT!

I know you have it in you to rediscover your beautiful unique self, the you YOU were meant to be before the world forced its norms and ideals upon you. You CAN

rediscover and do the things that make you happy right now
make confident easy decisions that feel good
enjoy the prime of your life
feel comfortable in your own blessed skin
communicate your feelings honestly with others
have richer deeper meaningful relationships
feel strong mentally and physically
love, accept, and trust yourself fully
be loved and accepted by others for who you are

You can finally feel wholeYou can finally feel good.

You can finally be bold enough to be who you know you really are.

I’m here to SHOW YOU HOW.
I’m here to show you that you DON’T have to go through this alone.

In my Reignite Your Spark Sessions, I lovingly guide, support and encourage you toward making the small changes that lead to the BIG transformation you’ve been craving. During this time together, you’ll learn tools and techniques to feel more confident, trusting that you can handle whatever comes your way. More importantly, you’ll know YOU ARE CAPABLE of creating the experience you want and deserve. Because you’ll have proven it to yourself already.

Does this sound like the experience you’ve been waiting for? I invite you to schedule your first session and begin your journey of growth and expansion.

What my clients are saying

“I’ve had the pleasure of attending Jessica’s Validation Detox program and have also attended a number of other classes she has offered online. Takeaways from each of these experiences have been deeper insights and very useful tools to use for anxiety and self-worth issues. Jessica is a very caring, perceptive, articulate, and intuitive. I’ve been constantly amazed at her inner wisdom for someone her age. I’d recommend any of her workshops and programs in a heartbeat. You may also consider signing up for Jessica’s emails. Each one is so intentionly-focused and well written that I save them. Also, I just purchased her new book, Worthy of Me: Reclaiming wholeness from loss to love. Can’t wait to read it. Connecting with Jessica is definitely an investment in yourself.”


“Before I started working with Jessica, I was incredibly out of touch with my needs & feelings and incredibly unaware of the automatic patterns I was allowing to dictate my life. I was miserable at my job and at home and experienced a deep resentment, as if the world had brought all the misery upon me. In all my relationships, I was giving excessively of my energy, my time, and my feelings without reciprocity, and I felt absolutely exhausted.

Since our work together, I have left a job that was not serving me (and started a new one that brings me great joy and accomplishment), gained insight into how my brain and body works and discovered a profound sense of self-compassion. I now feel better able to make decisions clearly. As a result of working with Jessica, I am much more in touch with my feelings, and I now know how to access and utilize my intuition to trust myself. I recommend her to anyone who is experiencing struggle in their lives or relationships or who feels stuck in their current situation and doesn’t know how to get un-stuck.”


“This has been such an incredibly valuable, overwhelmingly enriching experience. For some background, I have spent over a decade in higher education, for many years as a student and more recently as faculty. I have consistently struggled with maintaining any semblance of routine or focus on my own self-care once the middle of an academic semester hits — a cycle which has now been going on for many, many years. However, I am so proud to say that this was the first semester I completely broke this cycle, which I truly believe was due to working through the 90 Day Coaching Program with Jess. Thanks to my work with Jess, I have hit so many of my own goals over the past three months — an excellent work-life balance, a commitment to physical fitness, a consistency in self-care routines, and a ridiculously good sleep schedule for what may be the first time in my adult life.

To me, Jess has many of the qualities that I imagine people would look for in an individual lifestyle and wellness coach. She is incredibly warm, deeply compassionate, and refreshingly non-judgmental. I also found her to be highly attuned to me as an individual, working to understand my individual needs in the different contexts in which I was surrounded. She always remembered highly specific details that I had discussed in previous sessions and then would connect those to our work in later sessions, which I found hugely helpful in my own progress in the program. To top it all off, Jess has an amazing, very witty sense of humor, which often had me smiling and laughing during our sessions. It was very easy to feel connected to Jess and really value our coach-client relationship, which I think was ultimately what allowed for my own significant growth over the past three months. Someone in a previous review really said it best I think — Jess is a beautiful soul who radiates positive, nurturing energy. ”


“My experiences in lifestyle coaching with Jess have been nothing but positive. Through her individualized sessions I’ve been challenged and I’ve grown because of it. It’s been eye opening to see how different life can be when you’re open and willing to make small changes that have huge impact. In the amount of time I’ve spent under her guidance, I’ve been able to achieve many of the goals I set for myself.
I think the 3 qualities that make this team exceptional at what they do are:
1: Attentive listening
2: Reflective responses
3: Personalized content

It all starts with the way Jess listens to what I have to say. She truly tries to put herself in my situation, understanding where I’m coming from and where I want to go. In our sessions I can express exactly the way I’m feeling with no fear of judgement or misunderstanding. Once I’ve expressed my viewpoints, the responses I receive are either affirming, or that of a new and welcome perspective. These quick and timely responses are so well thought out, logical, practical and constructive. I’ve gained so much insight and new perspective from our conversations that have allowed me to transform myself and reap more potential from every new day. I’m glad to say that I’m finally making considerable progress down a path I can be proud of, and much of the credit goes to the guidance and support I’ve received from my coach Jess.”


“Jessica is an Excellent Coach. She is Intuitive, Patient, kind and loving in her approach. Its a vulnerable place to be when talking about our money or for me the lack of. She made me feel safe and comfortable to share. When I started the program I had severe lack in my money mindset. Working with Jessica helped me to Shift that. The most profound moment was how I viewed my relationship to money. It was one of disregard. Today I honor money as a Great Love in my life. Huge! My transformation is real and my life is improving daily. Abundance is now my focus. Thank You Jessica”


“I invested in myself through a personal life coach in order to feel more worthy of life, love, appreciation, and kind words from others, as well as myself. Can I just tell you… it’s the single BEST thing I have done for myself this year. I never ever ever would have thought I would get to a place where I said something nice about myself because I truly believed and meant it. This is an amazing place to be. I have come miles from where I have always been. I feel worthy of being with others and knowing they want me there. I stand up for my time and energy in ways I never have before. I have set boundaries for myself in ways that I am certain have ruffled feathers, but they have come from a place of kindness and love for myself and others. I have learned to listen to myself more, and it feels AMAZING! I can see the good in me. I want to be around me. I am more comfortable with me (and my sexuality).”


Ready to break up with people pleasing and start pleasing yourself?