Corporate Workshops

Are you looking for an engaging way to invest in your team’s personal growth and wellbeing while boosting focus, morale, and retention?

I love leading workshops on how to manage stress, take care of ourselves, and awaken our courage so we feel confident, stronger, and more capable in both our professional and personal lives.

We spend so much time at work and we all deserve to feel fulfilled, valued, and energized while we’re there, but overwhelm and stress from both in and out of work situations can get the best of us.

“Our company recently had Jessica do a presentation for our employees on improving mental health. It was a virtual event through Microsoft Teams, and throughout the entire process, Jessica was professional, approachable, and did an informative and fun presentation. She was proactive in making sure the technology aspect would work smoothly, doing a practice run a few days before the event. During the presentation, she focused on the topics that we had discussed beforehand, and kept our staff engaged through her positivity and interactive approach, asking questions and genuinely listening to the responses to drive the flow of the conversation. Several of our employees contacted me afterwards to tell me how much they enjoyed the presentation, and how helpful and practical her tips and advice were. I highly recommend Jessica Juliano!”

– Eric Straus, Marketing Coordinator, GTM Payroll Services, Inc.

In my last job, I was close to quitting so many times due to stress, anxiety, and dissatisfaction. One day I loved what I was doing, the next day I couldn’t take it. I blamed my job for my unhappiness. It was such a roller coaster.

Then I decided to take personal responsibility for my experience, both in and outside of work. For the first time in my life, I spent my leisure time intentionally aligned with my values of health, nature, and community. At work, I communicated what tasks I enjoyed and asked for more of it. If I disagreed with a co-worker, I generated compassion for them first, then I would talk with them to reach an understanding.

Not only did my mental + physical health improve, but I began to see my job was NOT the root of the stress.

I began to enjoy my work so much more!

Positive change can be SO SIMPLE. But we get caught up in routine and bogged down by stress, that we forget what we already know to take care of ourselves, and we lose motivation.

If you’d like to improve morale, loyalty, retention, focus, and quality within your team, I’d love to share these skills and strategies with you.

Let’s chat about what your team can benefit from the most and how we can make a difference together.

Examples of past workshop topics include:

  • Managing stress to be happier at work and improve work-life balance

  • Awakening your courage to be a leader in your own life and inspire others

  • Prioritizing self-care to enhance your ability to help others

  • Developing sustainable healthy habits to feel your best

  • Wellness for humans: how to use your physiology to help you in stressful times

Some of the organizations I’ve led workshops for include:

  • Keller Williams
  • BayCare
  • GTM Payroll Services
  • Gulf Coast Jewish Family & Community Services
  • Battaglia, Ross, Dicus & McQuaid, P.A.
  • American Society for Quality

Voted Speaker of the Year 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 by St. Petersburg Toastmasters. Toastmasters is a leading global organization in public speaking and leadership.

Jessica is a gifted speaker and an expert in her field. I have had the privilege of hearing her speak multiple times and just recently attended her stress management workshop at Rollin’ Oats in Saint Petersburg. She does an excellent job of encouraging, motivating and providing useful feedback.

-Brent Wahl

I have seen Jessica speak a few times and I was blown away on her confidence and the message she brought out. She always gets people involved. She really knows her stuff. I am honored to have met her. Can’t wait to go to her next event.

-J. Hunter

Corporate workshop engagements are available at a rate of $500.
Private one-on-one sessions for staff or team members can be added.
I’m based out of St. Petersburg/Tampa Bay, FL and am happy to meet you locally or via online webinars.

Email me now at or call at (570) 269-7975 and let’s help your team feel more confident, prepared, and fulfilled in their careers.