worthy wear: inspired apparel to stimulate your worth

worthy wear helps us to remember the truth of who we are.


We have an enormous capacity to give and receive love in all its splendid forms. When we are born, we know of nothing but love. As we grow and society shapes us, we lose sight of that truth.

Love is our true nature. We are worthy by nature.

worthy by nature tees are available via direct purchase through me (shipping available! see below) and at select markets in St, Pete FL! Join my words of worthiness email list for updates!


Left: Tahiti blue. Right: Orange.

Women’s/Fitted T-shirt:

* Small: Tahiti blue & Orange
* Medium: Tahiti blue & Orange
* Large: Tahiti blue
* 2XL: Tahiti blue

Unisex T-shirt:
* Small: Orange
* Medium: Tahiti blue
* Large: Tahiti blue & Orange
* 2XL: Tahiti blue

Email me your order and I’ll verify the stock!
Shirts are $25 each (+5 for shipping). Free local pickup in St Pete, FL!

Double Dose of Worthy! Combo Deal for St Pete Locals!

Buy any 2 items and save $5! This includes any combo of shirts and books. Additional shipping fee. Email me to get your worthy package today!

worthy wear: inspired apparel to stimulate your worth