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  • Feel worthy of love, happiness, and success
  • Feel confident + courageous, lighter, and free to be themselves
  • Align with their true selves and learn to trust themselves to make the right decisions when it comes to relationships, career, and their bodies
  • Learn to put themselves FIRST because they know they deserve to be their #1 priority
  • Respect themselves deeply and believe ANYTHING is possible

You deserve to feel this way.

But when you’re so full of fear, doubt, and anxiety it feels impossible. You beat yourself up with negative self-talk, thinking you’re not good enough, and CONSTANTLY second-guessing yourself.

You overthink every detail and drive yourself crazy! You value others’ opinions over your own that you don’t even know what you want.

With one voice in your head saying “keep at it, it’ll all work out” and the other saying “move on, you deserve better,” you keep doubting your choices.

It’s exhausting. It’s confusing. It’s keeping you stuck.

You feel trapped, restricted, and lost, with no sight of a way out. You keep moping around and living small because you just don’t know what to do – stay or make a scary change. No matter what you do, you have to let go of something, and that’s terrifying.

But the truth is any action you take is irrelevant if you don’t love yourself first.

If you’re thinking of leaving a job or relationship for something better, it won’t matter if you don’t yet feel WORTHY of something better.

I’m here to show you how to take all that energy of stressing, worrying, and overthinking and redirect it toward being the best possible YOU that you can be, so that you can feel and experience all you desire and deserve.

All the power you need to create a life you love is inside of YOU.

Yes, having a well-suited job and relationship is important too. But you won’t know what that even is until you learn who you are and how to love yourself fully and fiercely.

When you do this, decisions become EASY and you will know exactly what to do. You will trust yourself. You will be free!

How we can work together


Ready to get out of your own way and put yourself first – for good? I’m here to guide you through a one-on-one transformative experience where you’ll learn to trust yourself deeply, make confident decisions, and commit to being the best version of you. What you want IS possible and you can do it. Let’s prove it!

WORTHY RISING: a community for the courageous

In this private free Facebook community I share resources and my weekly worthy TV trainings to help you elevate your experience of worthiness, courage, and confidence in every day life! This is a safe space where you are welcome just as you are, but you’re guaranteed to be transformed into an even better you.

VALIDATION DETOX: a 10 day journey to reclaim self-worth!

Are you tired of worrying about what others think? Have you been holding back because you’re afraid of failure, rejection, and letting people down? It’s time to reclaim your worth and your SELF! Learn to validate yourself as the spectacular being you are, and praise from others will just be the icing on the cake. Imagine what’s possible when you see the truth: how capable and magnificent you truly are.


This book is like having a coach in your pocket! It’s your guide to making yourself a priority, building self-trust and confidence, making easier decisions, and setting healthy boundaries. It’s your framework to loving and accepting yourself so you can be more present in each moment of your precious life.


Are you looking for an engaging way to invest in your team’s growth and boost morale and retention? I deliver interactive workshops to leave your attendees feeling empowered, encouraged, and with clearly defined action steps to feel happier at work and at home.