Dear Body Letters

The experience we have with our body is unique. In times of pain and suffering, we may feel isolated. Yet as stories are shared, we see pieces of ourselves reflected in others. This allows us to feel seen, heard, and accepted. My experiences with my body have ranged from disapproval to gratitude. I’ve shunned my body for the way she looked and went to extreme measures to control her. I sacrificed her to please others. I felt betrayed by her during illness and pain. I have also felt extremely blessed by all the sensory and emotional experiences I can have through her, and the lessons that come with allowing her to be my teacher. I’ve shared much of this in my upcoming book. However, I can only write from my perspective. In order to increase our ability to feel seen, heard, and accepted, I’m including below a collection of Dear Body letters written by others. I thank everyone for the honor of allowing me to receive these heartfelt contributions and look forward to sharing them with the public when the book is released later this year. May these letters unite us.

An invitation to participate

I invite you to take part in this rewarding letter writing practice. In a quiet space with yourself, reflect on what you need to explore in your relationship with your body at this moment. There is no right or wrong answer. Imagine that your body is your partner in a relationship. What needs to be expressed? If you aren’t sure, you can start with that! When you are ready, open a notebook and begin writing with “Dear Body”. Say whatever you need to say. Below is the first letter I received. This is not necessarily an example. It is one woman’s contribution. Your letter will be exactly what it needs to be. It can be one sentence or 50. Once you have completed your letter, if you are willing, I’d love to add it to the collection on this page. Please email is to me at It can be anonymous or I will include only your first name. You let me know. If you would like to submit your letter anonymously, please use this contact form with a fake name and email. I thank you from my heart. 🙂 Whether you share or not, I hope you find this practice helpful.

Letter 2 * Letter 1

Dear Body,

Just last week I felt you in ways I didn’t know I’d been ignoring. For 38 years I’ve stored anger trauma shame and sadness deep down in any faucet I thought I could hide it in.

You protected me when my emotions were too overwhelming for my heart to handle and yet I never thought to cleanse you after. Instead for years I drank with your pain, numbing it. I popped a pill if you complained. I mistreated you, but you never failed me.

When I over burdened you, you tightened my muscles, showed signs of distress with acne, or allowed sickness to invade, but I still didn’t listen.

I turned on the TV to zone you out or complained to my friends like I had no control and yet you kept going.

I disrespected you by letting multiple sexual partners take advantage of you while I searched for love. One such adventure resulted in a Cancer scare. I should have dialed it back, but I chalked it up to bad luck.

I wanted you to be magically perfect and yet I did nothing to deserve that from you.

I feel like I see you for the beautiful loving embodiment you’ve always been for the first time. I hope that you will forgive me for taking so long. If you’ll let me, I’m up for the challenge of loving you the rest of our time together.

I will listen when you are tired and give you the rest that you deserve for all you do.

I will honor how much work it takes to be healthy and provide you with the proper fuel and nutrients.

I will limit the access of our body and soul to only one loving partner. I now know how much energy you were absorbing.

I will respect our boundaries and say No to things that are not aligned. I will use tools such as music, dance, meditation, oils, food and any other holistic approach that resonates to help heal the years of neglect and everyday use you endure.

From now on, we are a holistic unit, a team that will finish this journey together united.

Dear Body,

You are a miraculous, ever-changing human woman. Keeper of my magic. Sacred bearer of my soul. You’ve lovingly held my spirit for 34 years. 

You’ve endured pain and abuse inflicted by me and others. Attempts to shrink you. Long ignored illness. Surgery. Acne. Covid-19. Miscarriage. You are not defined by the pain and suffering you’ve endured.

I choose to tell a different story about the truth of who you are. I choose to tell the story of your triumph. Your reclamation as a divine creation with the words “and it was good” coursing through her veins.

I choose to have deep trust in your various manifestations and sizes at different ages, stages and seasons of my life. When I look in the mirror and I see my sister’s shape, my mother’s eyes, my grandma’s smile, I’ll feel honor and reverence that anchors me into deep belonging.

I choose to see my acne as a messenger and reminder to pay attention.

My thighs and hips rounding, stomach softening all a preparation for my journey from maidenhood to motherhood. You know, you know, you know. I trust you, you haven’t failed me yet.

I choose to remember my value in what you do for me, not what you earn me in terms of social approval or accolades.

I choose to tell a story now that is worthy of you.

Every stretch mark a reminder of the growth we’ve experienced.

Every bump and ridge, a mountain we’ve climbed to get to where we are today.

Every freckle, a constellation mirroring the universe back to me.

Every stray hair, a thread of wisdom.

Jiggle, a reminder of my buoyancy and aliveness.

You, dear body, hold my story. Past, present and future.

I love you. I honor you. Thank you.