I stopped going to my Spanish group – If it doesn’t feel right, find a new way

May today’s message fill you with encouragement to trust yourself more fully.

If there’s something important you’re doing, but the way no longer feels right, trust that voice inside of you.

Even if you don’t know how else to do it.
Even if you don’t want to give up.
Even if you’ve been doing it how the experts say to do it.
Trust there is a better way. Trust in finding your way.

That way might not be known to you now. Sometimes we must clear space for something new to grow.

I wrote a book about how this applies to relationships, but today I share two examples related to studying Spanish and marketing my business.

Every Monday for 6 months I met with an online Spanish practice group. It challenged me and kept me accountable.

Then my schedule changed, and it got in the way of my dinner and evening flow. I felt hurried. I wanted to spend evenings outside, not on the computer.

But this was a free group at my exact level. Leaving would be like saying Spanish is no longer important to me! How could I give that up? My boyfriend (and native Spanish speaker) would be disappointed.

I decided to trust my gut and stop going. It’s freed me to enjoy my evening on my terms AND pushed me to do what I’d always wanted.. create my own in-person Spanish meetup. My boyfriend and I have co-led this for over a month now and it’s become one of my favorite weekend activities! My Spanish continues to improve and amaze me! 

In terms of business, for a year I knew I wanted to stop marketing on social media. The obligation to post consistently drained my authenticity and joy. But what else could I do during a time when online marketing was one of the only options?

I didn’t know… so I just stopped. I kept writing, working on a new book and these monthly words of worthiness letters.

Now several months later, I have my answer! It took time and that is OKAY! I’m elated to begin my adventures as a local market vendor selling my books and t-shirts! I will be in community meeting new people. It’s perfect for me!

I share these stories with the hope of inspiring you to listen where something doesn’t feel right anymore and trust in your ability to create a new path.

I believe in you. I believe in the unlimited possibilities. What do you believe in? 🙂

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To endless possibilities,

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