Would you answer this question?

Do you know what makes this life so special? That we extremely complex human beings get to share it with other human beings.

And you know what my soul is so starved for right now? Genuine heart-to-heart conversations, full of laughter, hard truths, all the emotions in between, and understanding a little more about what your complex human experience is like.

I want to ask you something, and I hope you’ll answer.

Having conversations virtually is not my preference, but it’s what we have available to us, so let’s do the best we can with what we’ve got.

How are you doing these days?

What is it you’re longing for?

What’s been bringing you joy?

What’s been making it hard to get out of bed?

What are you ready to start doing differently?

I hope you’ll do yourself the honor of taking a pause to ponder these questions. And it would really be an honor to me if you’d reply and share some of your thoughts. I really want to know. And I want you to know I’m here with an open heart to listen and see you as you are.

In the spirit of sharing, I’ll go first.

Lately, I’ve been longing for something more. I spend a lot of time inside by myself working on my computer and I know in my bones humans are not meant to live that way. But here we are. I’ve been pondering whether I can enjoy living simply, with what’s here around me, appreciating the life I have, versus dreaming big, defying all odds and boundaries.

The answer I believe, is that life is not all or nothing, it’s not one side of a 2-sided coin. It is magical and complex, with so many intricacies and contradictions. The answer is both and neither and more. (put that on a magic 8 ball!)

So I’m just learning to listen and let life carry me along, enjoying it as I go, as much as I can, even if at times I’m kicking and screaming 🙂

I’m studying Spanish, which brings me great joy. I’m rekindling friendships from an earlier phase of my life and reconciling the “old” me versus the “current” me, reveling in lessons from my past self. I’m getting out of the house when I can and enjoying bike rides and walks on the beach. Nature is soothing.

Book #3 is slowly coming along and I feel I’m about to come out of what’s been a 2 month hiatus. No need to rush but no need to procrastinate either 🙂

Thank you my friend for taking the time to read and listen 🙂 Know that I’m here ready to receive your reply should you feel up to sharing.

Should it serve you, I’d like to share a couple of resources for clarity and guidance from within.

+ Need a remedy for stuck and stagnant? This simple “From confused to confident” practice will help.
+ Not sure if life has more love for you? Read this authentic insightful story 
+ Close your eyes and feel the warm embrace around you 🙂
From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being here. It means the world to me to share this space and these meaningful topics with you. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


P.S. A friendly reminder to do something kind for both yourself and others today.

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