Smashing clocks, an ode to our bodies!

When’s the last time you woke up without an alarm? Planned your day without checking the weather? Ate without thinking about your weight?

My life has been dictated by numbers. I’ve outsourced decisions about my own wellbeing to clocks, weather apps, and scales.

We often wake up, not when we’re rested, but when an external device rings loudly.

We eat, not when our bodies tell us they’re ready, but when we have a break in our busy schedules. Sometimes that’s long after our bodies have been sending us signals.

Our bodies are talking. Are you listening?

This spring I felt weak, my strength and energy sapped from the pandemic, isolation, and a sinus infection.

One day Jose and I went to the food store and just for the heck of it stepped on a scale in the lobby. My weight was seriously low. But I didn’t need the scale to tell me that. I already knew. I felt it. But seeing the number freaked me out and I felt an urgency to raise it quickly.

Fast forward several months, my strength and energy is much better. I’m invigorated from reconnecting with friends. I’m nourishing my body with the right foods and movement. I feel great!

Yesterday Jose and I stopped at the same store with the same scale. The thought crossed my mind to step on it and check my progress. But I decided not to. The last time, the number gave me anxiety. I don’t need to subject myself to that. The number doesn’t matter. What matters is how I feel. I feel strong and healthy. My body will tell me what I need to know if I listen.

The more I pay attention, the more I notice the subtle differences throughout the days, weeks, and months. The shifts in my energy levels, sleeping and eating patterns.

Do you notice those shifts as well? I used to get down on myself if I felt like resting more for a couple of days. Now I realize it’s just my body asking for what it wants, and I can listen, trusting my energy will return. I’m learning to appreciate how my body is different every day, changing with the rhythms of life.

In order to serve my body and my wellbeing as best I can, I have to reclaim my responsibility to listen and act accordingly. I have to stop outsourcing decisions to the numbers of scales, weather apps, clocks, or someone else’s opinion of what “healthy” looks like. What do they know about me and my body anyway?

I’m finding small ways to do this. Not all at once. I’m breaking my habit of obsessively checking the weather. I want my body to tell me if it’s comfortable enough to take a walk outside (hey Florida summer!). And I’ve been happily waking up without an alarm clock for 3 years now. I have a schedule that keeps me somewhat immune to the ill-effects of daylight savings time (that’s a separate rant!!).

What about you? What’s a small change you can make today or this week to do what feels good for you without checking a device? I invite you to get curious! Hit reply and let me know 🙂

Here’s me with more energy 🙂

P.S. My third book is going to be all about our relationship with our bodies. The body is a sacred vessel which guides our experience in life. We deserve to treat it with love and respect. I’m still in the early stages of writing, but wanted to share this message which feels so important right now! In the mean time, check out my other books here!

To the internal clock! May it serve you well.

Lots of love,

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