Who are you when the relationship falls away?

Last spring, after being in back-to-back relationships for a decade, I found myself single. That break-up was a long time coming but I didn't have the courage to end it. I was scared to put myself first because I didn't know who I was without someone else to love and support me. It was terrifying… Continue reading Who are you when the relationship falls away?

Would you make this vow?

Have you ever shared vows with a partner? I'm fascinated that we're taught to do this in marriage ceremonies, yet not with ourselves.While I've never been married, I've spent more time working through challenges in relationships to uphold our commitment to each other than I have with myself.After all, many of us have been raised to believe everything… Continue reading Would you make this vow?

Is judgment hurting your relationship?

I received a very unexpected lesson recently.. from broccoli! 🥦 I walked into the kitchen to find my boyfriend chopping broccoli with scissors! Have you ever seen anyone do this? It seemed so silly to me! When I first met him, his culinary specialties were smoothies and eggs (we've all been there)! Due to his lack of experience, I've seen him do lots of… Continue reading Is judgment hurting your relationship?

The pressure to be positive all the time

Do you ever feel frustrated and try to force yourself to see the positive in a situation? Does that ever completely backfire, making you feel worse? I want you to know that you don't have to always be positive. In fact it can be necessary to make room for the "negative." Some of my biggest breakthroughs came after admitting how… Continue reading The pressure to be positive all the time

How to win job happiness tug-of-war

Do you have a career or are you your career? We spend a lot of time working so it's easy for a job to consume our identity. It's why so many of us can't relax - we don't know what to do when we're not working! You might even love your job but factors that seem out of your… Continue reading How to win job happiness tug-of-war