I’m so darn short (a note on insecurities)

If you had more confidence, what would be possible for you? If you weren't afraid to show the world who you really are, what great things might you do? These questions give me CHILLS because we are the #1 obstacle standing in our way of a truly fulfilling extraordinary life! When I was in high school I… Continue reading I’m so darn short (a note on insecurities)

This almost made me quit

Is there someone in your life who showers you with praise? Or someone who's been rather critical? I bet you hear their voice in your head a lot. In either case, I want to help you find your own voice of confidence. My dad's voice is the one I hear the most. He's been gone from this… Continue reading This almost made me quit

How to communicate better to reduce stress

Have you ever been so stressed and overwhelmed about something, and then when you FINALLY found the courage to share it with the person involved, it turned out there was never anything to worry about? This is why COMMUNICATION is so important! We build up stories in our heads that lead to unnecessary stress. Don't… Continue reading How to communicate better to reduce stress

Practices that changed my life

There's so much to celebrate today and I want to share this with you. Today marks 2 years since my dad passed away. You might think that's hardly something worth celebrating, but for me it is. It's a celebration of life, of triumph. Since his diagnosis 3 years ago, life has been a struggle for… Continue reading Practices that changed my life

6 benefits of working with a life coach

There's so many life coaches nowadays that I feel like I'm constantly surrounded by them! Well I kind of am. I belong to many coach communities. But for others, it's still an unfamiliar topic. What exactly can working with a coach do for you? I thought it'd be fun to put together a list in… Continue reading 6 benefits of working with a life coach