Taking the financial leap of faith

6 years ago when I moved to Florida, working as a massage therapist, I was scraping to get by. The spas I worked at did not provide enough work. To save money, I ate canned beans and rice. I declined dinners and movies with friends. I was too proud to accept my then-girlfriend’s countless attempts to pay for everything. My constant stress over money was not only affecting me but my relationships and my enjoyment of life.

I was living and dying by my packcheck.

“I don’t have enough money.”
“I can’t afford that.”
“I don’t get to to do this because I’m broke.”

I offered heavily discounted massages to my friends but not many took me up on it. I couldn’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want a $20 massage. I was living with a lack mentality.

One of the riskiest things I ever did, years later, was quit my full-time comfy-salary job with a software company before I even really had a business to fall back on. Yet I made a vow to myself that I would not make any drastic changes to my lifestyle. In fact, I would invest even MORE into experiences that brought me joy.

“I believe that when we follow our joy, opportunities open up. And they did.”

When I quit my job, I offered massages again for my friends, but this time for fun, for the love of the craft. I charged full price. I was overwhelmed by the interest and word of mouth! How could I be busier at triple the price? Where was this interest with the discount years ago? I understood then how we can sense cheap. We sense desperation, and we turn away from it. We respond well to confidence and a sense of worth and value. This time I was doing it for pure joy, and again, when we follow our joy, opportunities open up.

I learned that stressing and worrying about money all the time is not joyful.

Missing out on being with friends and life experiences is not joyful.

Living in a sad “can’t afford this” bubble is crippling, not only to our financial health but to our growth as human beings.

Avoiding the conversation about money because we don’t want to face the facts is not a solution.

And selling ourselves far below the standard just to make a few bucks is cheap. It is not value. And people won’t buy it.

By learning to lean into my joy and understand my own value and worth, I was able to take this giant financial leap of faith and quit my job. Our business is still building, yet I live with a “there’s enough” mentality. A belief in abundance. I still go on vacation. I just got back from North Carolina and I’ve got 2 more trips planned this year. I spend the same amount of money on food. I even bought a hot tub.

The money comes in. I’ve learned to trust this.

Your Turn: What’s the conversation around money you’re avoiding? Are you living with more of a lack mentality or abundance mentality? In what ways can you lean more into joy in your daily life? Leave us a comment below 🙂

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