Here’s what to do when you’re stressed about money

There are times I look to others who appear more successful than me and I wish I could be where they are, have the life they have. My relationship with money isn’t perfect. But then again none of my relationships are perfect. And that's okay because perfection isn't the goal. Every stress and challenge comes with an opportunity to grow and adapt. Here's what I do when I'm stressed about money.

What the back of your closet says about your success

Imagine decades into the future when your children are grown and you’re finally ready to downsize, you’re cleaning out the house, opening old boxes, reaching way way back into cabinets, cupboards, and closets. Imagine, what will you find? --> Your grandmother’s finest china that you never used? --> Beautiful dresses, shoes, outfits that you never wore? -->… Continue reading What the back of your closet says about your success

Put your money where your heart is

This week we want to share with you a money management strategy called value-based spending. What the heck is that? It might sound as boring as a budget, but we promise it's not! You know that feeling when you look at the clock and suddenly it’s 6pm and you’re wondering where the heck did the day… Continue reading Put your money where your heart is