How to vacation without fearing your credit card bill

You know that feeling when you’re on vacation and even though you’re in the most beautiful place, exactly where you’ve longed to be, you can’t even relax because you’re freaking out about money the whole time?

Your neck and shoulders tense up and you might have developed a twitch in your right eye. Every dinner, every excursion, every swipe of the credit card, you’re calculating in your head and silently screaming with your twitchy face….

Aaahhhhh!!! I can’t afford this!

You didn’t go on vacation to worry about money the whole time, did you?

I just got back from Maine and let me tell you, there were moments I was so completely and utterly at peace that I could die happily. Gently swaying in a kayak in the middle of a lake with no one around, listening to the water and the wind.

It was AMAZING, but..
There were also moments when I cringed at the expenses. 

I had an internal freak out about all the restaurant meals, feeling guilty because I shouldn’t be spending this much money. But I quickly decided this way of thinking is just not acceptable because to answer my own question, no, that’s not why we go on vacation!

Here’s how I de-cringed and learned to relax and give my money fears the pacifier. 

Practical money fear pacifying tip #1
Correlate your spending with your values.

What’s most important to you, not just on vacation but in your everyday life? Is it spending time with family, adventuring, being in nature, satisfying your palette?

Whatever it is, allow yourself to $pend a little more in these areas because when you cater to your personal values, you uplevel your quality of life. You raise your vibration. And that’s just gonna attract more of the good stuff!

So nature lovers, enjoy that afternoon on the lake. Foodies, savor the heck out of that house made rigatoni with roasted eggplant and smoked mozzarella.

Dollars spent toward your values are worth every penny because it makes you a better person.

On the flip side, what do you NOT value? How can you save some money there?

For example, if good food is not up there on your values list, then buy stuff at the grocery store to make sandwiches. Find accommodations with a small kitchen or at least a microwave. You get the idea. I recently stayed in an Econolodge because all I needed was a simple room to sleep, and I survived!

Practical money fear pacifying tip #2
Count the ways you or anyone else benefits from this vacation and its expenses.

Here’s an example from my recent trip:

  • I’m supporting state parks and the conservation of these habitats AKA karma points with Mother Nature.
  • I will have something noteworthy to share when I return AKA this is business research.
  • My taste buds get to do a happy dance AND I can tell everyone about the best restaurant I found and hopefully bring them some new customers.
  • As an Airbnb user, I allow locals to continue doing what they love – hosting and meeting new people, which I also love doing, so it’s a win-win!
  • I gifted myself so many moments of complete and utter bliss, peace, contentment, and relaxation, which I completely deserve and is completely necessary for my enjoyment of life. We already touched on this in tip #1 but we can’t hear enough that we deserve this.
  • I will return from vacation recharged and ready to kick butt. This is a productivity booster!
  • My boyfriend needed this vacation way more than I did. I’m doing this for his happiness.

By acknowledging the good for ourselves and others, we calm that freaked out inner voice, and allow ourselves to relax… Ahhh!

Practical money fear pacifying tip #3
When possible, travel in groups. Your friends need a vacation just as much as you do, and you could be their savior from pulling their hair out. If you value deepening your relationships, then this really knocks out all three tips in one! Plus you can save money on accommodations, rental cars, and fuel. Possibly food too if they don’t eat everything off their plate.

So are you ready to pack your bags and book your next trip?

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