I attribute my easy career changes to this ONE thing

When you were a kid, wasn’t it so easy to take joyful risks and not fear the consequences?

I used to practice back flips down my hallway, and when I fell and got hurt, I’d be back at it in 2 seconds!

Nowadays I worry about breaking my neck so I don’t bother even if I want to. Okay this is partly a good thing. Necks are important!

But it’s not just physical adventures where fear stops us in our tracks.

What about applying for a promotion, taking a trip you’ve always longed for, exploring a new hobby, or communicating your feelings?

Has fear ever stopped you? Do you abort mission at the first sign of discomfort?

It’s not your fault. Your brain is designed this way.

When we’re younger, after a fear-inducing event, the brain immediately returns to a normal non-fearful state. That’s why, even when I fell on my back while attempting a flip, I got back up and tried again.

As we mature, the fearful state remains even after the event is over, keeping us stopped in our tracks.

Reflecting back on my adulthood, I’ve ALWAYS been a risk taker. I made multiple bold career changes because it felt right. I even moved to China! Fear didn’t stop me.

As I get older, it feels scarier to make bold moves, like leaving my relationship to be on my own. But I did it.

What made the difference?

Every time I made a big scary change in my life, I was surrounded by people who believed in me.

Only once did someone tell me I was making a mistake – when I quit my prestigious IT job to go to massage therapy school. I was so committed and buoyed by everyone else’s support that it didn’t affect me.

Over a decade later when I left another great IT job to pursue self-worth coaching, my boss didn’t counter-offer me to stay. He refused to get in my way. That’s the kind of support I had.

This is what allows me to commit firmly to my heart’s desires despite my brain mechanics wanting to stop me in my tracks at the first sign of discomfort.

It’s the people I surround myself with.

What about you? Who’s in your circle? When you share your desires with them, are they supporting you the way you need to say yes and stick to it? Or do they convince you it’s not a good idea?

Our desires are given to us for a REASON. They WANT to come to fruition through us. It might feel unsafe at times, but it’s always possible, and our support system can make or break our attempt.

Could you use more support?

Do you wish you had a safe space to fully express what you REALLY want without judgment? A space to not only share but create a bold plan of action to make it happen?

What would you be able to say YES to if you had that environment right now?

I’d love to invite you to find out and join me in a one-on-one Know Your Worth Clarity Session!

In just one hour you’ll gain the courage and confidence to stop second guessing and letting fear run the show, and instead say YES to your next step!

Here’s what Kristen had to say about her experience:

Before working with Jessica, I was miserable at my job and experiencing a deep resentment. I was giving excessively of my energy, my time, and my feelings without reciprocity. Since our work together, I have left a job that was not serving me (and started a new one that brings me great joy and accomplishment). I now feel better able to make decisions clearly. I have also gained a new sense of responsibility and inspiration for creating a life I love.

This is all possible with the power of compassionate, encouraging, non-judgmental support. And I promise to give you all of that! I’m here for you.

Know Your Worth Clarity Sessions give you a full hour focused entirely on YOU and allow you to say YES so you can make the impact you were meant to. It’s a small investment that will continue to pay off as you keep showing up taking inspired action.

If you’re ready to say YES, book your session now 🙂

I can’t wait to support you and hear what amazing desires you are about to be experiencing!

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