It’s time to step up your game!

Do you ever feel like there’s so much more out there in life for you? But the second you think about taking a risk, trying something new, playing bigger, anxiety, doubts, fears, and excuses push you back into your place.

I don’t know about you, but I am DONE with that experience and I am READY to rise above it all. I am READY to claim the greatness that I am WORTHY of experiencing! 

Before taking a big scary action, our minds flood with the worst outcomes that could happen. We might fail, we might look stupid, we might lose some money, we might lose respect.

I had the idea for a month to ask one of my favorite authors to write the foreword for my book. As soon as I acknowledged the idea, the fearful flooding began:

  • Why would she help me? I’m a nobody and she doesn’t even know me!
  • She’s going to ignore me. She’s got better things to do.
  • She’ll say no and I’ll feel so crushed and discouraged.
  • She’ll ask for a large sum of money that I won’t be able to afford (I don’t even think it’s typical to ask for payment – this is how ridiculously wild our fears become)

I stopped myself and asked “What’s the BEST that could happen?”

I shifted focus to how AMAZING it would feel when she said yes. I saw myself rising to a new level, becoming someone who is recognized by best selling authors and believes in herself enough to work beside them!

But then I thought, “Let me wait a little longer. Let me read another one of her books first so I have more commentary to share on how she impacts my life.”

Time waits for no one!

Waiting is an excuse! Thinking we need to be ready to move forward is one of the biggest lies we tell ourselves. If we feel ready, that means we’ve already reached this level, and there’s less fuel on the fire of excitement to get our butts in action.

Taking action when we’re NOT quite ready is EXACTLY what we need to do to uplevel our lives!

“Okay,” I told myself, “Let’s do this!”

I reached out to her Friday morning and simply asked if she’d be willing to write the foreword for my book, and I explained why I chose her.

Guess what happened?

She offered to write an endorsement for my book!

My book is going to be endorsed by a best selling author with one of the biggest personal growth publishers in the world!

All because I decided to switch my thoughts from the fear-based dream-crushing ones, to the soul-growth EXPANSION ones!

Important Side Note That Could Easily Be An Entire Book: I could be crushed that she’s not writing the foreword, but I’m not. I’m ECSTATIC to receive something of HIGH value! Taking empowered action is not so much about getting exactly what we want, but propelling ourselves forward to open up to NEW opportunities!

YOUR TURN: What have you been telling yourself that is keeping you playing and living small? How can you shift your focus to the excitement of what will happen when you DO reach your goals? What can you do RIGHT NOW to move it forward?

If you’re feeling the momentum and energy now, do not wait! Take action right now! Then reply in the comments and share your victory with me!

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