From embarrassed to brave – I did not expect this!

Have you ever been embarrassed to share something personal, and once you do, you think “oh my gosh what have I done??!!”

That was me last week. I shipped my mom a copy of Worthy of Me. I knew it’d be uncomfortable (for both of us) for her to read it. It contains intimate details of my relationships, break-ups, dating and sex life, rejection, anxiety. Topics I never shared much with her before.

It’s easy for me to take action and let the consequences come later. Well, last week they came.

My mom called me. Halfway through the book, she was shocked and blushing, wondering if it was all true. (It is.) I sank to the floor feeling SO embarrassed! Oh my gosh why did I let her read this?!

Then it passed. The conversation moved on.

But it made an impression. My mom emailed me more reactions and shared her own experiences with dating and heartache. My parents divorced 10 years ago. I often wondered if she’d date again but never asked.

As I read her words, I felt a growing excitement. A massive door just opened! I suddenly felt comfortable discussing these topics with her and asking questions I always wanted to ask but never did because that wasn’t the nature of our relationship.

Until now.

I wrote Worthy of Me with the intention to hold nothing back because it’s our tendency to hold a lot in. I want us to realize we are so much more connected in our human experience than we realize. We often feel alone only because we don’t talk about what we’re really going through!

I intended to share this book with a lot of people, but I never intended or imagined that it would open up my relationship with my mom. And that’s pretty awesome! I’m so excited thinking about it!

I hope this story inspires courage within you. Whether you feel embarrassed or scared in any way about opening up, imagine how your bravery gives someone else permission to finally share something they may have wanted to for a long time. Imagine how they may realize they aren’t alone and have a safe space to express their truth. Imagine how your relationships become more meaningful.
To speaking the words that long to be spoken.
May you connect with your courage and bravery!

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