Lessons on trust from broken eggs

How do you pick out eggs? When I buy them, I inspect them thoroughly for cracks. If I later find one slipped past me, I feel annoyed! Sunday night I dreamt all my eggs were broken, sitting in the container marinating in their liquid innards. Ugh! How did this happen?? The next day as I prepared breakfast, I wondered what the dream… Continue reading Lessons on trust from broken eggs

From embarrassed to brave – I did not expect this!

Have you ever been embarrassed to share something personal, and once you do, you think "oh my gosh what have I done??!!"That was me last week. I shipped my mom a copy of Worthy of Me. I knew it'd be uncomfortable (for both of us) for her to read it. It contains intimate details of my relationships,… Continue reading From embarrassed to brave – I did not expect this!

Who are you when the relationship falls away?

Last spring, after being in back-to-back relationships for a decade, I found myself single. That break-up was a long time coming but I didn't have the courage to end it. I was scared to put myself first because I didn't know who I was without someone else to love and support me. It was terrifying… Continue reading Who are you when the relationship falls away?

Would you make this vow?

Have you ever shared vows with a partner? I'm fascinated that we're taught to do this in marriage ceremonies, yet not with ourselves.While I've never been married, I've spent more time working through challenges in relationships to uphold our commitment to each other than I have with myself.After all, many of us have been raised to believe everything… Continue reading Would you make this vow?

Moving in together before quarantine

Moving in with someone right before quarantine has been a growth experience (straight talk: challenge) for me and my relationship. We're not used to spending so much time together with lifestyle limitations, and he's not used to the Scooby song (keep reading). It got me thinking about others' relationships - people they're already living with, or people they can't be with right… Continue reading Moving in together before quarantine