Shouting gratitude from the rooftops!

Can you recall a time most recently when you felt so overcome with gratitude, to the point of feeling deeply fulfilled + content, even if only for a moment?

I’m so blessed to experience moments like this throughout my every day.

It may only last for seconds, a minute, sometimes longer.

Last week, though, I learned a way to prolong this feeling!

A fellow coach, colleague, and friend of mine, Kaitlin Sheridan, shared this practice with me.

When you feel that kind of gratitude, excitement, joy, or fulfillment, take a moment to say, “THANK YOU!! YES! Thank you! More of this please!! More of this! Thank you!”

You can say it silently to yourself, you can say it out loud, or if you’re like me, you might want to put ALL YOUR ENERGY into it, screaming it, jumping up and down, running around like a crazy person, letting that energy swirl around you like the Tasmanian Devil!!

Actual footage of me expressing gratitude.

Where our focus goes, energy flows.

Put your focus on how grateful you are for this experience and express your advanced thanks for it to not only continue but to grow and blossom.

Since I started doing this just last week, I’ve noticed just HOW many moments I have like this in my day.

What a beautiful shift!

I’ve recognized:

  • so many beautiful connections and conversations with others,
  • an exciting body image workshop collaboration,
  • new clients I’m so thrilled to be working with, and
  • the funniest one of all… my crazy cat flushing the toilet all by herself!! What?? I love bizarre moments like that!

Kaitlin is such a wise inspiring radiant light and she has impacted me in so many powerful ways. This is just one example.

Last year I took one of her courses which opened my eyes to how much I seek love from other people to fulfill my basic needs. I projected unrealistic expectations on to them.

Have you found yourself doing that too?

She taught me how to love myself in such a deeper way that it took the pressure off of my relationships and allowed me to show up with greater presence.

Could you use that in your relationships too?

Today I just want to share my deep gratitude for Kaitlin and her wisdom. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!!

YOUR TURN: What are you grateful for today? What is a powerful way you can express it?

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