Shouting gratitude from the rooftops!

Can you recall a time most recently when you felt so overcome with gratitude, to the point of feeling deeply fulfilled + content, even if only for a moment? I'm so blessed to experience moments like this throughout my every day. It may only last for seconds, a minute, sometimes longer. Last week, though, I learned a… Continue reading Shouting gratitude from the rooftops!

When things don’t go your way

Have you ever been a sore loser? Have disappointments gotten the best of you? Maybe you applied for a job and didn't get it or participated in a tournament and lost. I remember the days when I didn't get the outcome I wanted. I would shut down and give people the silent treatment. My self-esteem was… Continue reading When things don’t go your way

How to keep your emotions from controlling you

For a long time I thought the goal in life was to achieve constant happiness, and that if ever I felt unhappy, I should be able to snap my fingers and feel better because I'm alive with a roof over my head and things could always be way worse. Yes it's important to be grateful… Continue reading How to keep your emotions from controlling you