Are you trying to control the outcomes of your life?

I was so struck by this sentiment in a Deepak Chopra meditation this week that I had to share it with you.

“I allow everyone and everything the freedom to be exactly as they are.”

WHEW does that give you tingles too?

It opened my eyes to how much I’d been trying to control my relationships to get the outcomes I want.

Not only was I giving away my own power by trying to please others, but I was taking away THEIR power too by disrespecting the truth of who they are.

I was definitely crossing…
B O U N D A R I E S!!!!!

Do you ever find yourself trying to control others as well to fulfill your own needs?

So often we look to outside sources for happiness.

Sure, life is better when shared with others, but we can’t force those relationships.

The more we honor ourselves and protect our time and energy, the more we will naturally attract the people we best align with.

Identifying and respecting healthy boundaries is one of the topics I always cover with my coaching clients.

I incorporated this work after the painful realization that my relationship with my ex was no longer serving me and I had been settling for the sake of my own comfort and fear of being alone.

After spending years on my own deep self-love journey, suddenly the choice to set a new healthy boundary and leave that relationship was easy.

Now on the other side, I feel lighter, more free, expansive, and ALIVE than ever before!

If you are..

  • struggling with boundaries and are staying in unfulfilling relationships or living situations because you’re scared to leave and be alone (like I was)
  • constantly putting others’ needs above your own, and feel guilty that part of you wishes you could be a priority for once
  • waiting for a future day once you have a better job, better home, better relationships, better health, more time, THEN you’ll finally be happy
  • feeling lost and burnt out that you’re not even sure what you want anymore, and have NO CLUE how to get out of this rut.

then I want you to know that YOU DESERVE BETTER and it IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU!

To be worthy is to love yourself enough to listen to what you need and desire, believe in yourself enough to make it happen, and not accept anything less.

That is my wish for you.

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