Permission to relax and indulge

How badly do you need a vacation right now? Do you feel like a slave to your routine?

That’s how I felt about 2 weeks ago… until I took a vacation!

I just got back from a week in beautiful upstate New York. Everyone keeps asking what I did up there. 

I respond, “NOTHING!”

I literally sat on my butt and did hardly anything but talk with my friends and eat a TON of bread, cookies, and more bread for a week. (With some eggs and spinach thrown in for stability.)

Actual footage of me and my friends


It felt so FREEING to abandon routine and give myself full permission to INDULGE and relax and do WHATEVER I wanted!!!

Now I’m feeling so happy to be home and easing back into my routine with gratitude + excitement.

It’s a reminder that when I feel like a slave to my obligations, I can ask myself: Where am I resisting pleasure + indulgence?

While my body has definitely communicated that it’s ready for healthier choices again, I do want to remember to let myself enjoy some gelato and cheesecake now and then, and also sit on my butt for an afternoon. It really helps me appreciate the spinach, swiss chard, and busy work days so much more!

Your turn: Whether or not you have the capacity to take a vacation right now, how can you give yourself permission to relax and indulge more? Could that become a new part of your routine to make it feel less routine-y? Do you have a block of time this weekend to devote to just doing whatever the heck you want with no expectations or commitments?

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