How to take the stress out of the holidays

Are you feeling the holiday spirit in the air? Lights, decorations, love, peppermint mocha, and all our favorite cheesy movies on Netflix!

While this experience is very special, there’s also something in the air that a lot of us don’t openly talk about.

The stress, anxiety, heaviness, loneliness of the holidays.

Some of us are worried about:
– finances and pressure to buy perfect gifts
– how much weight we’re gaining as we indulge in holiday treats
– facing our families and strained relationships
– not being able to spend the holidays with those we love
– the grief of loves ones who’ve passed

There’s a lot of pressure for this time of year to be JOYFUL, and for those of us who don’t feel the joy, we may feel the need to hide our feelings.

I’m here to let you know that whatever you’re feeling is 100% okay.

A few weeks ago I was missing my dad… a lot. I felt so lonely, almost abandoned.

How could he no longer be on this earth to share in this time of year with me? How could we not be able to sit on the couch all weekend and watch those sappy Hallmark movies he loved so much? How could we not be toasting with those delicious apple cider margaritas he made?

The more I fixated on loneliness, the worse I felt. 

As I recognized that, I did what I needed to do – reached out for support from friends. Ever since, I’ve been feeling a lot better, and now I’m able to enjoy these memories that fill my heart with so much love.

If you’re feeling any stress, overwhelm, or anxiety this holiday season, I hope you too are able to reach out for the support you need. We often hear people say it’s “hard” to do, and yes it can be as we get so stuck in our emotions. But.. I invite you to let it be easy.

I invite you to allow someone to be the shoulder or ear you need, and also to release the thoughts and feelings that aren’t serving you.

Whatever we fixate our thoughts upon, we give more power to. Where are you giving your power? Where can you refocus your thoughts?

To me, the best part of the holidays isn’t the gifts, food, or parties. Focusing on that brings me stress. The best part is simply the time and presence shared with others.

The best gift you can give to yourself and others is your own heart-centered presence.

Take the time you need to feel whatever you’re going through, and then release it, and let the love of others lift you back up.

That’s where I’m focusing my thoughts: experiencing more and more love. I hope that becomes your experience too.

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