5 things to know before your next meal

Do you ever find the holidays to be more stressful than they are relaxing? Do you wish you could be more present during this time?

This time of year can bring up difficult feelings:
-food and how our bodies look and feel
-guilt or shame about our health habits
-loneliness or frustration with familial relationships

I want you to know I’m here to support you through this, and I have 5 simple steps to share with you to help.

My mission is to inspire you to honor your food, figure, and feelings this holiday season and all year long so you can be more present and available for more joy.

5 tips to honor your food, figure, and feelings

#1 Slow Down!
How often do we eat in such a hurry, shoving food into our mouths and barely chewing? It takes 20 minutes for our bodies to recognize they are full, so slowing down can help us enjoy our meal without the discomfort of overeating.

My favorite way to do this is to close my eyes and really savor the flavors. This works especially well with sweets, and I find I’m satisfied with just a few bites. Then I can save the rest for later.

#2 Ask this question before you eat!
“What need is this food serving? Am I really hungry?” Maybe you are – great then eat! But maybe you’re tired, cranky, bored, frustrated, angry, etc. If it’s something other than hunger, ask yourself what you really need. Talking with a friend? Getting some fresh air? Maybe a nap? Why not turn to that for comfort instead of the food.

#3 Carry Tupperware!
If you slow down when you eat, you might not finish your plate. Do you ever feel tempted to just eat it all anyway because it’s so delicious and you don’t want food to go to waste? I used to struggle with that at restaurants a lot. There’d be too little left to ask for a to-go container, so I started bringing my own! Now I never feel like I have to force myself to finish. Plus, I find it’s a special treat to get to enjoy it again later.

Psstt.. are you going somewhere for the holidays? Bring your own Tupperware to take a little dessert, or turkey, home with you.

#4 EAT!
Is this obvious? Maybe not. How many of us tend to skip meals because we’re too busy? Then we reach a point where we’re so ravenous, we grab whatever’s convenient, and now we’re eating fast and left unfulfilled yet again. If you think you don’t have the time, consider how much time you’re wasting throughout your day because you’re losing focus from lack of energy and fuel. Might as well make the time to eat and work more efficiently.

#5 MOVE to improve your MOOD!
The holidays bring up a lot of emotions.. grief, loneliness, sadness, etc. Sometimes we eat our feelings, and sometimes we lose our appetite. Either way, our ability to be present with friends and family and enjoy this time can be disrupted. A quick way to reduce stress and improve emotional wellbeing is to get some movement or exercise. Even just 5 minutes can release those endorphins that leave us feeling good in body and mind. Consider putting on your favorite song and dancing your heart out!

Whatever your plans are for the holidays or the weekend ahead, I hope you feel inspired to live and eat more mindfully.

YOUR TURN: Which of these tips will be the most helpful for you right now? Are you willing to give it a try? Reply below and let me know which one you want to commit to!

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