Keeping the love alive

Today is one of my favorite days of the year! (Besides my birthday and every other day)

On this day some many many years ago in New Jersey, a little curly-haired boy was born to a happy fun-loving Italian couple: Frank, a skilled electrician and veteran of the Navy; and Josephine, a woman whose mean pot of meatballs smothered in red gravy would satisfy your tummy for weeks. 

The curly-haired boy grew up in a happy home where he developed quite a sense of humor that would, throughout his life, spread smiles to countless innocent bystanders of his crazy antics. 

Such antics include (and this is a VERY abbreviated list):

  • dancing down the hallways of schools to music only playing in his head (and might I add, at well beyond the age of being a student there),
  • navigating grocery stores with a colander on his head,
  • sporting a pink clown nose during his daily errands,
  • informing the neighborhood children that a ride home from the bus stop during rainy weather costs a quarter, and he’ll be sending the bill in the mail (they didn’t always find this funny)

Have you figured out yet that I happen to be the offspring of this man?

Yes, today is my dad’s birthday!

Me, My dad, and My sister on Father’s Day

Why am I telling you all these silly details about a man you probably never met?

Because he’s the first love of my life and taught me so much about how to love and be loved. I miss him terribly.

I’m quite certain that aside from myself, no one could ever love me as much as him.

That, my friends, is a love worth celebrating.

Since he made his peaceful departure from Earth nearly 3 years ago, I’ve found sharing these stories keeps his memory alive, and continues to fulfill his purpose of spreading love, smiles, and laughter.

I would love for you to do one thing today to celebrate love, memories, and the people who have touched our hearts so dearly.

Share a memory of someone you love.

I would be delighted if you’d comment below and share it with me. Share with your friends, family, with whomever it feels appropriate.

Grief can be so hard, lingering for as long as we’re alive, and we need to support each other for the long run. So share your memories, allow yourself to relive those beautiful moments, and give someone else the permission to do the same.

My dad was so giving. Through his smiles, jokes, and laughter, he healed others. That is after all the best medicine isn’t it?

In honor of what would be his 71st birthday (way too young, I know), I’m offering Know Your Worth Clarity Sessions for just $71 (regularly $88).

These sessions are just one way I offer my healing to the world.

If you’re the type of person who is

  • always second-guessing yourself,
  • struggling to make decisions, and
  • staying stuck in a job or relationship that just doesn’t feel right…

    this session is for you.

Get a clear plan to make yourself a priority, stand up for yourself with confidence, and make decisions you can trust.

In just 60 minutes, the course of your life will change in a way you can finally feel good about.

This is my way of celebrating the love that I’ve been so blessed to feel in myself, with my dad and many others. My purpose is to guide you to feel your own version of that deep trusting unconditional love within yourself.

To take advantage of this special offer, schedule your Know Your Worth Clarity Session by 11:59 PM ET Friday January 24. The session doesn’t have to be complete by then, it just has to be scheduled for any future available date.

Thank you for listening to my stories about my dad. I look forward to hearing the stories you have to tell to keep your love alive.

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