Is judgment hurting your relationship?

I received a very unexpected lesson recently.. from broccoli! 🥦

I walked into the kitchen to find my boyfriend chopping broccoli with scissors! Have you ever seen anyone do this? It seemed so silly to me!

When I first met him, his culinary specialties were smoothies and eggs (we’ve all been there)! Due to his lack of experience, I’ve seen him do lots of weird things in the kitchen!

I recorded a silly video about it and asked my friends on Facebook what they thought. It turns out a lot of people chop broccoli with scissors! Or think it’s a smart idea.

Then it hit me….

My nickname in the kitchen is “Jessica the Dictator” because I like everything done a particular way. I like the dirty dishes to be placed next to the sink, not in it. I like the clean dishes to be propped up so they dry thoroughly. I like pans to be immediately removed from the hot burner when done cooking.

I’ve been a bit of a nag at times with my master-chef-in-training boyfriend. Hence the nickname.

It hit me that this nickname is not something I’m proud of. My behavior indicates that I think my way of doing things is the right way, the only way, the best way. But just because I have more experience doesn’t mean I know all.

In fact a learner’s mind can see things an experienced person can’t because they are so used to their way.

I’ve been so closed off to learning to the point that I was judging. Defending my “rightness.”

How many other times in life have I denied someone’s idea or discounted their method because I unconsciously thought mine was best?

I want to live in a world where we can share ideas and learn from each other. I want to live in a world where there is mutual respect. To create that world, I have to start by showing up that way in my every day.

Now I’m so grateful for the opportunity to see new approaches. I’m so grateful to own this part of me and set an intention to listen more to others.

Will I switch from the knife to scissors when it comes to chopping broccoli? That might be a stretch!

Can you relate to this experience? Is there something you’d like to own up to in your own life so you can reflect the world you want to live in? Do you want to weigh in on how YOU prepare broccoli? Whatever it is, leave a comment below and share it with me 🙂

To respecting each other more deeply,

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