Perfection, Tony Robbins, and massive judgment

Have you heard of Tony Robbins, the really tall fire-walking motivational speaker? Honestly I never much cared for him. I thought he was too loud, over-the-top, obnoxious. But this weekend I caught a documentary on his seminars. I saw how he witnessed people with such compassion. He has a gift of saying exactly what they… Continue reading Perfection, Tony Robbins, and massive judgment

Is judgment hurting your relationship?

I received a very unexpected lesson recently.. from broccoli! 🥦 I walked into the kitchen to find my boyfriend chopping broccoli with scissors! Have you ever seen anyone do this? It seemed so silly to me! When I first met him, his culinary specialties were smoothies and eggs (we've all been there)! Due to his lack of experience, I've seen him do lots of… Continue reading Is judgment hurting your relationship?