Lessons on trust from broken eggs

How do you pick out eggs? When I buy them, I inspect them thoroughly for cracks. If I later find one slipped past me, I feel annoyed!

Sunday night I dreamt all my eggs were broken, sitting in the container marinating in their liquid innards. Ugh! How did this happen?? The next day as I prepared breakfast, I wondered what the dream meant. It didn’t feel like my “eggs” were broken. Then the lightbulb went off.

They are HATCHING!

My goals and aspirations – from seeds I’ve planted and tended to for so long – are sprouting to life! Yes, that’s what this feels like!

As much as I love this shift in perspective, it’s completely okay if sometimes we see the eggs as broken.

Just 2 years ago I was fresh out of a relationship and living on my own for the first time in my life. I was nurturing a business, missing my dad (who died 2 years prior), grappling with finances, and longing for the home I just left. My only comfort was my cats. I didn’t even know if I could feed myself because there was always someone else around to help take care of me.

I lacked that much trust in myself.

I didn’t see my broken eggs as hatching because I was so scared and lonely, fumbling to get my footing in my new independence.

Somewhere deep down I knew this would one day prove to be good for me. But until then, I let the emotions come. I didn’t try to force a happy perspective.

I cried, screamed, had a pillow fight with my bed, and let the fever run its course. Only after that did I feel better.

Perspective is powerful. There’s so much we can do to shift our mood and energy level. That’s why I take dance breaks during the day!

But sometimes we’re expected to see the positive before we’re ready, before we’ve even processed our feelings. When we do that, we’re neglecting a part of us that wants to be expressed. We’re saying it’s not okay to feel that way.

My hope is that you can honor what’s true for you in each moment, that you can give voice to all parts of yourself. Each part is worthy of being expressed.

My hope is that you can trust that anything broken can always be repaired.

Worthy of Me: Reclaiming wholeness from loss to love is a story of how I found my voice, how I went from someone who could never speak her truth to someone who became rooted in it. It’s the story of how I overcame loneliness and disconnection from myself to being so in touch with my needs. I am becoming more comfortable sitting in discomfort because I know it will pass, and I have many tools to process it.

My motto is “I trust the next chapter because I know the author.” (Attribution unknown)

What about you? How are you building self-trust?

If you’ve ever felt trapped, like all your eggs are broken, I hope this story can give you permission to feel and inspire you to express yourself so you can move forward.

To allowing what is, because all of it is okay, and that’s how we build trust.

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