Your aliveness depends on this

Several months ago my coach gave me an assignment to find 3 things that light me up. It was so obvious I’d been so focused on work and struggling to get through difficult changes in my life, that I was seriously lacking joy.

It’s a simple assignment, but by no means an easy one.

Do you find that you also get so caught up in work, paying bills, taking care of yourself and others, and just keeping your head above water? Do you forget sometimes that there’s actually MORE TO LIFE?

The other morning I was supposed to do my taxes and instead went to the park.

I chose to seize the precious moment of beautiful weather and let myself fully enjoy my human experience.

I ran around, laid in the grass, and gazed intently at the flocks of birds overhead.

There was no where else in the world I’d rather be. I felt so at peace.

I felt whole.

I found what lit me up.

The thing is, this wasn’t new information.

I KNOW I love being outside in nature, observing every delicate detail.

I KNOW it fills me with awe + wonder, allows me to be fully present, and makes my worries feel a million miles away.

It’s just so easy to tell ourselves “I should be doing my taxes right now, I should clean the house, I should get this report done.”

Forget about the shoulds for a moment.

I want to know, What makes you come alive? What takes away all your worries and leaves you light as a feather?

What were your most joyful and peaceful moments as a child, a teenager, a previous version of yourself?

Where can you be so present that nothing else matters?

Being in nature gives me perspective, a new sense of purpose.

To just be.

And that’s enough.

When you’re just being you, away from your job, responsibilities, even your family, what brings you peace and makes you feel whole?

Figure out what that is and make time for it as much as you can like your life depends on it.

You may even already know what that is, in which case, you’ve got to let your love for yourself speak louder than your excuses.

The other day I didn’t leave the house until 5:30pm. I hadn’t as much as set a foot outside.

I felt myself going mad, stir crazy. How can I live like this? I began to question everything about my life as if it was all for nothing.

Then I remembered how to feel human again. How to feel alive + connected with what matters.

I have to go outside!

I considered a night walk on the beach, and so many excuses popped into my mind.

It’s too far. It’s getting late. We’ll have to pay to park. I want to go to bed early. Let’s just stay in and relax.

But the voice of self-love spoke louder. And so we went.

I got exactly what I needed. Perspective. To just be.

To look up at the clouds and the stars and remember how small my troubles are.

To feel peace.

So whatever it is for you, let your love for yourself be strong enough to speak over the excuses.

You aliveness depends on it.

Your Turn: I’m passing this assignment on to you. Not as an action step or to-do item to check off your list. But as a commitment to deeper self-exploration, self-love, and fulfillment. Do you accept? Leave a reply below and let me know 🙂

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