How to be consistent with working out

Do you struggle to stay consistent with your workouts?

Do you sometimes get busy or sick and have a hard time getting back on the wagon?

Do you then push yourself extra hard to make up for it?

My approach to exercise used to look like this:

I’d push myself so hard when I was motivated, working out 5+ days a week, only to feel completely relieved when I had an excuse to take a break.

That break would sometimes last 6 months. And then I wouldn’t work out again until I felt so disgusted with myself.

My motivation was based solely on fear…. fear of getting fat or sick, fear of my body never looking the way I wanted it to, fear of not being good enough or acceptable as I was.

This approach was NOT conducive to a sustainable long-term commitment to my physical and emotional health.

Today, my approach to exercise is COMPLETELY different.

For example, all last week I was sick with a sore throat and cold.

I CHOSE not to work out, out of respect for my body and my desire to heal quickly.

I was disappointed to pause my work outs because my body LOVES to move. It feels GOOD to move.

I had complete trust that as soon as I felt better, I’d get right back on the wagon because I’ve committed to moving my body in ways that feel joyful!

In the past, after taking a week off of exercise, I’d push myself HARD to make up for lost time. 

This week, I’m traveling in Vancouver and I don’t have access to my gym. But I DO have access to an outdoor wonderland.

Instead of pushing myself to do intense boring cardio workouts, I’m taking long daily walks along the shore and through lush beautifully landscaped neighborhoods.

I’m probably not burning as many calories, but I so much more value the holistic benefits of fresh air, doing what feels good, and giving myself permission to ENJOY my vacation.

And I’m still moving my body.

I’m happy to say I’ve been consistent with working out for YEARS now, because I approach it from a place of love, respect, and joy.

It’s not something I have to try too hard to fit in my schedule because my body loves it and actually craves it!

YOUR TURN: How would you describe your attitude toward exercise? Does it feel like a chore, or do you look forward to it? What types of movement feel the most fun to you? How can you incorporate more of them into your routine? Reply below and share with me!

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