How to be courageous

Have you ever asked yourself why you’re not doing the things you know are good for you? They’re so simple and yet something keeps getting in the way.

Going to bed earlier or exercising more for example.

I’ve been there. Just last week I told myself I was going to take the morning off and go to the beach.

Who wouldn’t want to do that?!

But that morning the voice of resistance popped up. “You’ve got work to do. You can’t just take time off and go to the beach!! That’s not how this works!”

I listened calmly then let my voice of knowing respond. The part of me that’s had this debate before. The part of me that comes ALIVE and feels so nourished when in nature, especially the beach.

“Actually this is exactly how it works,” she replied with love and courage. “This is the life I chose for myself. And every day, every moment is an opportunity to continue to choose it.”

That was that! I lathered up in sunblock, grabbed my towel and journal, and off I went! It was MAGICAL! 

Do you find yourself struggling to decide between what you really want to do and what you think you should be doing?

It’s not always easy to do what’s good for us, even if it brings us joy.⁣ It takes courage to break our routines and habits. But once we do, it feels so good, we’ll just want to keep breaking them for new self-serving ways!⁣

The hard part is taking that first step.

I’m so excited to share a gift with you, one that’s all about creating new self-serving habits! It’s a community where we can rise up together and say YES to choices that elevate our every day experiences!

You’re invited to join WORTHY RISING: a community for the courageous!⁣

 Worthy Rising is a sacred space to…

  • explore what’s possible when you let your worthiness lead the way
  • join weekly worthy TV video trainings to inspire compassion and courage in your job, relationships, and mindset. These will be LIVE so you can join the conversation and get what you most need!
  • participate in the 30 day self-worth challenge (plus more pop up challenges along the way)
  • be in a supportive community and receive valuable habit changing guidance at no cost except a little of your time, which is truly a gift to yourself

Some of the topics you can expect to learn about in this group are:

🌻 Making decisions without feeling guilty
🌻 Releasing the need to please others or meet expectations
🌻 Strengthening your self-image
🌻 Managing anxiety and returning to clarity
🌻 Building trust to make self-respecting choices

Ready to take your seat at the courageous table?

Click here to join us!

I’m so excited to welcome you into the community and get to know you even better.

This is the way I feel called to serve right now. After having to cancel so many events the last couple of months, I wondered how I could still bring people together.

One of my favorite experiences is when open hearts come together and share their true experiences in life, because the more we share, the more we give others permission to do the same, and that’s when true healing and the path to freedom begins.

If that sounds like an experience you’d like to have, I invite you to join us today. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose (it’s free!) and so much courage and joy to gain!!

Click here to join us!

To rising up together,

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