Who are you when the relationship falls away?

Last spring, after being in back-to-back relationships for a decade, I found myself single. That break-up was a long time coming but I didn’t have the courage to end it.

I was scared to put myself first because I didn’t know who I was without someone else to love and support me.

It was terrifying and lonely. I wasn’t even sure if I could feed myself. I’d never lived alone before! It felt like my entire foundation of safety and security had crumbled, and now I was left to rebuild it…. all on my own.

But after a few months, a miracle happened. I was forced to see how strong and independent I could be. I had no one to choose BUT me. I faced an overwhelming array of emotions and I grew to love every piece of my heart, body, and soul. I fell in love with the world, because now the world was reflecting back the joy I felt. The joy I deserved. The joy I created!

Every day we lose ourselves in jobs, relationships, and circumstances. They form our sense of safety and stability.

My question to you is… who are you when that job or relationship falls away? What is your identity underneath it all? Do you trust in yourself to navigate the evolution of your life?

As Stevie Nicks sang so powerfully:
“Well, I’ve been afraid of changin’
‘Cause I built my life around you”

What would it be like to build your life around YOU? That is what I discovered, and I’ve never looked back. 

My new book, Worthy of Me, is my very open and honest story of the choices I’ve made that you may relate to:
– staying in one place too long
– hurting those we love
– ignoring the truth
– searching for happiness outside of ourselves

How many of those can you check off your list?

Join me in my journey of discovery and find answers to your own questions, such as how to rediscover a lost identity, find wholeness within, and stay true to ourselves while loving another.

Along the way you will find your own path to worthiness and learn to accept the most precious responsibility: your own happiness.

To learn more about Worthy of Me: Reclaiming wholeness from loss to love, visit jessicajuliano.org/worthyofme or click here to purchase it in paperback or e-book.

Thank you always from the bottom of my heart for being here and sharing this life experience with me.

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