I stopped going to my Spanish group – If it doesn’t feel right, find a new way

May today's message fill you with encouragement to trust yourself more fully. If there's something important you're doing, but the way no longer feels right, trust that voice inside of you. Even if you don't know how else to do it.Even if you don't want to give up.Even if you've been doing it how the experts say… Continue reading I stopped going to my Spanish group – If it doesn’t feel right, find a new way

Would you answer this question?

Do you know what makes this life so special? That we extremely complex human beings get to share it with other human beings.And you know what my soul is so starved for right now? Genuine heart-to-heart conversations, full of laughter, hard truths, all the emotions in between, and understanding a little more about what your complex human experience is… Continue reading Would you answer this question?

Smashing clocks, an ode to our bodies!

When's the last time you woke up without an alarm? Planned your day without checking the weather? Ate without thinking about your weight?My life has been dictated by numbers. I've outsourced decisions about my own wellbeing to clocks, weather apps, and scales.We often wake up, not when we're rested, but when an external device rings loudly.We eat, not when… Continue reading Smashing clocks, an ode to our bodies!

Become a communication powerhouse!

Recently a customer made me feel like I didn't know enough. She had lots of burning questions which I couldn't answer right away. In my coaching practice this comes up so frequently: feeling inadequate at work. I've felt this way a lot years ago, when my confidence was 0. It caused me to resent coworkers… Continue reading Become a communication powerhouse!

Should you ditch your goals? (for a bit)

I've been feeling stagnant lately. Inspiration for my next book has stalled, and I don't believe in forcing productivity. Instead, I'm learning to listen. What sounds fun? What's brought me joy lately? Easy… COOKING! I seem to be most happy on days I spend time in the kitchen. For years I thought about starting a… Continue reading Should you ditch your goals? (for a bit)