How To Stay Grounded In Stressful Times

I shared with you several weeks back about a big transition I’m in right now – I moved out of the house with my boyfriend and got my own place to get some space while we figure things out.

This is a power move that says “I deserve to be happy and fulfilled. I don’t know if this relationship will give that to me, so I’m making space to figure that out.”

Moving has been slow on purpose. I knew it would be overwhelming, stressful, and emotionally draining, and yes it has been.

But as I look back over the past 2 months, I realize I’m doing really damn well!

I’ve let myself be emotional and cry as needed. And I’ve let myself enjoy my independence, exploring the area, making plans with new friends.

As someone who struggled with anxiety the past 2 years, naturally I was worried this would bring it back out.

But nope, I feel GOOD. I feel “normal.” I feel clear-headed.

I thought to myself, “What am I doing to make this work so well?”

The answer was simple: I’m taking care of myself.

I’ve gotten to a point where I know myself so well, I effortlessly make time for my “bare essentials” of self-care, EVEN during stressful times.

These are different for everyone and will likely change over time, but for me right now they are:
1. Keeping to a sleep schedule
2. Fresh air
3. Exercise
4. Social gatherings
5. Regular balanced meals
6. Slow breathing when I feel overwhelm creeping up

Over the past month, I’ve given these things to myself (almost) EVERY DAY.

And I’ve embraced not always doing them perfectly.

For example, I might not get a full workout in, but I’ll go for walks to meet my step goal.

To me, consistent effort is more important than completion or perfection.

We’re already under stress. We don’t need to create more for ourselves.

Stressful times usually mean we have to compromise.

So let’s compromise mindfully. Let’s make time for the bare essentials that we really need to get through it in as healthy a way as possible.

What about you? What are your bare essentials for self-care? Do you make time for these things when you’re busy and stressed out or only when the going’s easy?

Wherever you’re at, take some time today to be mindful about how you can take a little better care of yourself.

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