How to sleep better

Sleep’s been disrupted for a lot of us. How about you?

This week I found myself waking up in the wee hours of the morning, sometimes feeling extremely anxious. Not how I like to start my day.

But overall I’ve been falling asleep easily and feeling well rested.

Since so many of us are struggling, I’m sharing 5 tips and practices to help you maximize your Zzzzs, a time where your body repairs the effects of stress and maintains a healthy immune system.

Don’t stress about doing everything on this list! Pick 1-2 that will make the most impact on you.

1. Set a goal for when you want to go to sleep, as in in bed with eyes closed. Now how much time do you need to prepare for bed? Double that time if you’re a dilly-daller like me, and commit to getting ready at that time. Set an alarm if you need a reminder. My goal is to go to sleep by 11, so at 10:15 it’s time to brush my teeth and enjoy my pre-bed ritual.

2. Design a simple pre-bed ritual. Some ideas:
 – write in a journal (especially if you’re having stressful thoughts)
 – dim the lights or light candles
 – stretch gently
 – meditate
 – read or listen to something uplifting or calming
 – write a gratitude list
 – take a hot bath or shower

3. Avoid or reduce alcohol, caffeine, and sugary foods in the evening. For caffeine, the earlier you can stop, the better, but do your best. If you’re used to a 3pm coffee, make it 2pm. If you choose to eat close to bed time, keep it light. I don’t like focusing on what to avoid, so instead think about what you get to have instead. I used to eat chocolate chips at night. Now I get to eat strawberries!

4. Turn off screens (TV, computer, phone) at least 1 hour before bed. The blue light in these devices effects the release of melatonin which helps control our sleep cycle. Not to mention what we consume on these devices could be fear-based news. Again, focus on what you get to do with that time instead. I’m shutting my phone off around 9:30 and I’ve been learning a new musical instrument!

5. Get at least 20 minutes of sunlight which aids in the release of hormones needed for our sleep cycle. Being outside is so therapeutic for the soul. Set the intention to be present and appreciate nature. See what new sights, smells, or sounds you can discover!

Now pick just 1 or 2 of these to focus on for the next few days. Write them down and place it somewhere you’ll see every day.

Small steps!

If you’re still struggling with sleep, increased anxiety or restlessness, I’m here to support you. Feel free to send me a message, or take advantage of these ways to connect more deeply with yourself.

Free Guided Meditation Video: Tuesday night I led a simple loving meditation to bring more peace, calm, gratitude, and trust to our bodies. Use this meditation to reduce stress at any time or prepare for a good night’s sleep. Perfect for all levels, beginners included 🙂

Know Your Worth Clarity Sessions – Stand firmly in your worth and shower yourself with love. Whether you want to devote this time of slow to focusing on goals and projects, or work through anxiety with compassion and gentleness, I’m here for you. These 60 minutes are devoted entirely to you by phone. Click here to book your session and answer a few questions to help guide you toward deeper self-worth and love.

Sending you so much love, strength, hope, and hugs!

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