When fear creates distance, choose LOVE

This struck me like a sack of bricks.

I was going about my day, worried and anxious, unable to shake it no matter how much self-care I did.

Until a moment of clarity.

A thought I heard many times and fully believe echoed in my head.

We’re not meant to feel this way. We’re meant to feel GOOD!

Can you recall a time where everything felt easy? You got the promotion, set a personal record on your run, were surrounded by friends and laughter, and a random act of kindness paid for your tiramisu!

That’s what happens when we’re in alignment with our true nature.

Feeling good, healthy, happy, light, and free and full of LOVE is how we’re meant to live and we’re ALL worthy of experiencing it!

Is this the norm in society? Even on a holiday, not likely.

Everything’s harder when we’re sad or anxious because we’re out of alignment with how we’re supposed to feel.

Negative emotions are a form of fear, and fear creates separation from our true nature: Love.

When we’re down, we tend to blame others, speak coldly, and most people would rather not be around us.

Fear creates distance between us.

It makes sense that in a world where we need each other, we’re not meant to live in fear.

As soon as I remembered this, a weight lifted, and I was able to shift my focus to feeling-good activities.

Sound too simple? It’s not supposed to be complicated! Life can be easy.

With so much anxious fearful energy swirling around us every moment of every day, we need so many reminders pointing us back to the truth of who we are: Love.

Throughout my home you’ll find inspiring books, photos of my dad – who taught me to love, affirmation cards, flowers willing me to pause and enjoy a breath.

I upgraded my wardrobe! I’ve come a long way from Hawaiian shorts and fanny packs – yes I wore them before they were cool!

I’m sitting at home all day in a flowery summer dress and a sunflower crown because why not?!

What the world, and those close to you, really need is for you to realign with your nature of love.

Connection and love are crucial for our wellness always, and even more so today.

Let’s make a pact together that we will do everything we can to return to love. Our family and friends are counting on us. We’re in this together!

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