When gratitude feels forced

Do you currently have a practice of incorporating gratitude into your day?

If not, of course a new year is a perfect time to start.

I’m so glad the practice of gratitude has become more popular because we all have the power to CHOOSE our thoughts, and gratitude is a great way to choose the good ones.

But… sometimes it’s not so easy to feel grateful.

And sometimes we’re just going through the motions of it.

I’ve felt like this a lot in my gratitude practice recently. Because my heart wasn’t in it, I stayed in a funk for a while.

Are you feeling in a funk too? Is it hard to find something to be grateful for?

Do you feel out of place with everyone else so excited about the possibilities of a new year?

If so, you’re not alone! I made this video for you on how to gently guide yourself out of it. Click below to watch!

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