I made a really hard decision

I’ve decided to open up with you about a deeply personal challenge I’ve been faced with recently.


Because I wouldn’t be where I am now without other strong courageous people sharing THEIR personal stories with me.

It’s so important we talk openly so we know we’re not alone and can inspire + support each other through life-changing decisions.

In my 2018 reflection I talked about what a tough year it was, but there was one thing I kept quiet on: how it impacted my relationship.

Starting this business changed me in many ways and forced me to get more in touch with my needs. It came to light that some of my needs weren’t getting met, and vice versa.

After many difficult conversations with each other, and with friends and coaches, we realized we aren’t quite sure what to do.

We love each other so much, we’re very comfortable together, there’s nothing MAJOR that’s wrong or upsetting, but we can’t keep going like this. We both deserve better.

Have you ever been in that place where everything’s comfortable but you wonder if there might be something more? Something better?

That’s where I found myself.

After wracking our brains and hearts, we ultimately decided to get some space so we’re better situated to figure out what we want to do long-term. That means me moving out and getting my own place.

It’s terrifying.

There’s so much I’ve had to let go of to follow through with this decision, but there’s one BIG thing I’ve gained.

A deeper sense of love and respect for myself.

Backing this decision is me saying I deserve to be happy, saying YES to ME.

I’m saying I am WORTH letting go of what’s comfortable, and making space for growth and new sources of joy + happiness.

I know I wouldn’t have been able to do this confidently without others close to me opening up about similar situations.

They’ve inspired the heck out of me.

In case you too find yourself in some situation where you’re settling, and you’re too comfortable to change it, I want you to know that YOU DESERVE BETTER.

And just like me, you might be able to find a compromise where not everything has to change all at once, but you can take one step toward reclaiming your love and respect for yourself.

You’re never alone.

You’ve got this.

You deserve this.

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