How to gain MORE time

Do you ever find yourself skipping out on something you’d LOVE to do (yoga, reading a book, taking a break at work) because you’ll lose time for more important things (house work, office work, spending time with family)?

And do those more important things sometimes feel more like obligations?

And because they feel like obligations, do you find yourself procrastinating?

Yes Yes YES??!!

Don’t I know this to be true!!!

I’ve been procrastinating quite a bit lately, with house work and work work. Even work that’s usually enjoyable has felt like a chore.

When this happens, I know the culprit: lack of fun and self-care.

Of course due to my procrastination, I felt Monday should be a “get shit done” kind of day.

But when I drove to an appointment Monday morning that was near the beach, I felt a pull.

A voice said, “You should go to the beach! You never go! The weather’s perfect! YOU NEED THIS!!!!!!

When you hear that voice, do you tend to blow it off like I used to?

Well this time I listened, and am I ever glad I did!

The beach reinvigorated me and got me back to the place where I enjoy my work and get a lot done – no more chores!

HOW does this work?

When we lack fun and self-care, we tend to dilly-dally… big time.

I KNOW you know what I’m talking about!

But when we give ourselves PERMISSION to take some time for what we really enjoy, we replenish our energy, our productivity goes up, and we’re more present in our work and with those around us.

Procrastination goes down!

See the trade off?

Would you rather skip out on what you love and waste time procrastinating… or do what you love and get stuff done faster and better?

Isn’t it awesome that we can actually have the best of both worlds?

YOUR TURN: What have you been procrastinating with lately? Do you also struggle with making time for fun and self-care? Where can you say YES to even just a little something fun in your life? As the doubtful thoughts pop up and try to convince you otherwise, just tell yourself this will help you get more done faster!

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