Chaos at home? Restore the peace!

How are things for you at home?

If they’re feeling tense and chaotic, you’re in good company.

I’ve been listening and here’s what many are experiencing:

– constantly bouncing between good days and hard days
– struggling to focus and relax with kids running around the house
– loneliness due to isolation
– anxiety + stress resulting in snapping at spouses + roommates

Here’s the GOOD NEWS:
You have the power to CHOOSE how you show up in these circumstances. You can let it crumble you, or you can let it build your courage and resilience.

You can choose to identify what you need to feel better, and speak up to set your boundaries with yourself and others.

We’re not used to spending this much time at home. We’re learning a lot about ourselves and those we live with.

Let’s use this time to grow in our relationships.

Instead of nagging your family about leaving dirty dishes around the house or making too much noise when you’re working (this was totally me the first 2 weeks), take the opportunity to CONNECT.

Express yourself and how you feel, and ask lovingly for what you need.

BUT before you say anything, can you find a little space for compassion in your heart first?

Compassion for yourself, because you don’t deserve to feel anxious and overwhelmed. Compassion for your loved ones or co-workers because they’re likely suffering too.

Then speak from this place of compassion, and have an honest conversation to bring you closer together.

When we have the courage to show up, we build our own resilience AND model bravery for those around us.

What will you choose to do?

With so much uncertainty right now, home should be the one place we can feel safe and comfortable. It all starts with you.

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