6 benefits of working with a life coach

There's so many life coaches nowadays that I feel like I'm constantly surrounded by them! Well I kind of am. I belong to many coach communities. But for others, it's still an unfamiliar topic. What exactly can working with a coach do for you? I thought it'd be fun to put together a list in… Continue reading 6 benefits of working with a life coach

2 easy steps to less money stress!

Do you stress every time you check your credit card balance or get an unexpected bill? We spend so much energy stressing over money, but it doesn't have to be that way! We deserve to feel happy + relaxed! In this short video I share: 2 simple steps you can use TODAY to radically improve… Continue reading 2 easy steps to less money stress!

Here’s what to do when you’re stressed about money

There are times I look to others who appear more successful than me and I wish I could be where they are, have the life they have. My relationship with money isn’t perfect. But then again none of my relationships are perfect. And that's okay because perfection isn't the goal. Every stress and challenge comes with an opportunity to grow and adapt. Here's what I do when I'm stressed about money.