I had to say no to say yes to something better

I had to say No last week to something I love. Something that only happens once a month and I was so looking forward to for weeks! Why? Because my body was sending me strong signals of a need for rest. I'd been nursing a headache all day and fighting just to make it through my… Continue reading I had to say no to say yes to something better

#1 way to improve your relationships

Can you recall a friend of yours who was single, lonely, and miserable for awhile, until they met someone, and suddenly you've never seen them so happy before? Don't you just love seeing your friends like that? I do too, but I have to say, this strikes me as being so completely backwards! So many… Continue reading #1 way to improve your relationships

When an old wound is reopened

Have you ever overcome an obstacle and thought, "I'm SO glad that's over with!" only to have it unexpectedly rear its ugly head again later? After my dad passed away in 2017, I began to experience anxiety and panic attacks, a struggle that lasted for nearly 2 years. When it seemed to be over, I… Continue reading When an old wound is reopened

How to gain MORE time

Do you ever find yourself skipping out on something you'd LOVE to do (yoga, reading a book, taking a break at work) because you'll lose time for more important things (house work, office work, spending time with family)? And do those more important things sometimes feel more like obligations? And because they feel like obligations, do you find yourself procrastinating? Yes… Continue reading How to gain MORE time